Robot Coupe R2 Dice Review – Your High End Kitchen Robot

Robot Coupe R2 Dice Review

In busy high-end kitchens, whether its a restaurant or cafeteria or its chain of hotels, to manage with time to do the chores work whether it is slicing, chopping, and dicing vegetables for soups or preparation of other dishes Robot Coupe R2 Dice is the ultimate name of all.

This is especially true for catering kitchens in banquet halls or buffet-style facilities. Henceforth, why not have an appliance that can do all of that for you OR why not have an appliance that can also mix and blend batters, puree fruit, and knead dough? Robot Coupe R2 DICE Combination Vegetable Prep and Vertical Cutter-Mixer can do all of these things and more which you always dreamt of.

Robot Coupe R2 Dice Combination Continuous Feed Food Processor Dicer with 3 Qt. Gray Polycarbonate Bowl - 2 hp

This Robot Coupe Dice electronics is a combination food processor which helps you in reducing time by giving you near-limitless prep options, and by doing that prep work in a fraction of the effortless time which takes loads of time to do it manually.

Product Specifications

Motor Base

  • Direct drive induction motor (no belt) for intensive use.
  • Power 2 HP
  • Stainless steel motor shaft.
  • Built in on / off / pulse buttons.
  • Safety and motor brake.
  • Speed: 1725 rpm.
  • Pulse button for better cut precision.

Cutter Function:

  • 3 qt. cutter bowl in composite material with handle, and high resistance smooth blade assembly.

Attachment Apt for Vegetable Functioning

  • Vegetable preparation is equipped with multiple performers: 1 large hopper and 1 cylindrical hopper.
  • Removable chute and feed lead for dishwasher safe and convenient cleaning.
  • Vertical pusher makes the pressure on vegetables to get a uniform cut.

Accessories Included

  • Lid and high resistance stainless steel smooth blade assembly with removable cap.


  • Three Year Motor Warranty. One Year Parts And Labor.

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Robot Coupe R2 Dice Parts Features

Heavy Duty Bowl Cutter

The plastic bowl attachment is great for mixing up small portions of a single ingredient, or for processing multiple ingredients together at the same time at once. A clear lid lets help you to keep an eye and monitor the contents from above so that you don’t over- or under mix. It keeps a complete watch to avoid any kind of hassles. The smooth stainless steel “S” blade included is ideal for fine or coarse mincing of ingredients as well as making sauces and emulsifying foods. Coarse and fine serrated blades can also be purchased separately and used with the R2 Dice.

Versatile Vegetable Preparation Machine

The vegetable prep attachment is compatible with a large range of 26 stainless steel discs. You’ll be able to slice, ripple cut, grate, shred, and now dice all types of fruits and vegetables. This unit comes equipped with a 2 mm grating disc, a 4 mm slicing disc, and a 10 mm dicing kit so you can begin using it right away.

Two hoppers give you the versatility of efficiently slicing up any sized fruit or vegetable. The large kidney-shaped hopper that measures 12 square inches, is meant for bulkier items like cabbage and celery. The smaller cylindrical hopper has a diameter of 2 1/4 inches and is the perfect size for cutting up narrow or delicate vegetables like carrots, cucumbers, and mushrooms. The vertical pusher included ensures cuts are uniform while protecting workers hands and fingers when processing large quantities of food.

Continuous Feed Head

Sometimes the job demands to process the defined ingredient in a particular way in bulk quantity, this continuous feed head gets the tedious task done! A large, kidney-shaped chute allows you to load bigger items, or it can be used to load multiple, smaller ingredients at a time for processing.

The R2 DICE bowl

It is made from ABS plastic, so you can have full reliability and guarantee that it will be able to handle and withstand chopping, mixing, or other jobs that need to be performed for food preparation at a time. For cleaning the bowl, simply remove it from the mixer base and return it when you are ready to start again. The blades are assembled in such a manner which can make quick work easy of any size task, and the simple on/off switch makes operation effortless for both you and the working staff. The continuous feed kit for vegetables and fruit is constructed out of ABS plastic lid that will be tough to break. Everything detaches incredibly easily for cleaning and sanitizing.

Easy to Use:

The operation is very simple with a just 3-button control panel. Simple switches for “on” and “off” take all the work quickly out of processing, while a “pulse” option allows for more precision control when you need it.

Robot Coupe R2 Dice Benefits:

  • Bowl is made from ABS plastic, so you can trust that it will be able to handle chopping, mixing, or other jobs that need to be performed for food preparation
  • Hoppers have a cylindrical shape, so you will be able to accurately feed the processor without any kind of hassles.
  • Continuous feed kit for vegetables and fruit is constructed out of ABS plastic lid that is unbreakable and easy to manage.

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Robot Coupe R2 Dice Parts Images:

Trouble Shooting Aids

A. Unit does not start when assembled correctly

  • Pull the plug and try another outlet
  • Make sure bowl lid or continuous feed lead is in the proper position
  • Check the safety switch pin

B. Continuous feed lead

  • If a processing plate is not in its upright position.
  • The rim of the plate should be level with the upper edge of the motor base

C. Unit stops during processing

  • Turn unit off, and unplug the machine
  • Remove continuous feed lead
  • Remove cutting disc
  • Remove product being processed from inside of the machine and continuous feed lead
  • Reassemble unit

D. If the unit does not operate after following above

  • Check outlet for current (Breaker or Fuse)
  • Try unit again
  • Call the local authorized service agency

E. Unit starts to spark or smoke

  • Turn unit off, unplug it, call local authorized service agency.

Robot Coupe R2 Dice Manual (Spec Sheet, Parts Diagram, Attachments)


  • Comprises of three blades for slicing
  • Has removable parts that can be cleaned easily.
  • Perfect for dicing, mincing, and grating
  • Has a chute and feed lead
  • Operates fast at 1,725 RPMs


  • Can be slightly noisy

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  1. Versatility of two machines in one
  2. Mechanical safety system and motor brake
  3. Direct Drive, fan-cooled 3/4 HP motor
  4. Twenty-one processing disc available
  5. Clear cutter bowl with a capacity of 2.5 quarts with a see-thru lid and stainless steel blade
  6. Two deep feed openings in the lid
  7. Uses 9 X 14 inches of space
  8. Three processing disks
  9. Electrical specs 120V, 60 HZ, 7 amps, 1ph, 3/4 HP motor, 1725 RP

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