Robot Coupe R2N Review – Process Your Food in Simple Way


In busy commercial kitchens or in homes, whether restaurant, cafeteria or cooking for loved ones at home, to take time to slice and chop vegetables for soups or performing multi-tasking of other dishes might slow progress down on fulfilling other tasks. Therefore, why not have an appliance that can do all of that for you? Better to go or why not have an appliance that can perform multi-task at a time and also mix and blend batters, puree fruit, and knead dough?

The quality of food is not only dependent on good cooking but also on good preparation. As we may know, Vegetables not only add more flavors to food but also complement a meal. Preparing such vegetables by hand is, however, one of the most daunting tasks in a commercial kitchen. Such preparations are not only very tiresome but also pose risks of injuries. These risks include cutting one’s finger. Moreover, manual preparation of vegetables is time-consuming and the result is usually roughly cut- shaped vegetables. Vegetables to be used for salads need to be in shapes cut with precision to be attractive when served. Read more about the R2N Food Processor:


  • Power: 1 HP—Single phase.
  • 1 speed: 1725 rpm.
  • Induction motor.
  • Magnetic safety system and motor brake.
  • Vegetable preparation attachment with external ejection.
  • Complete selection of 21 stainless steel discs available.*(Extra cost)
  • Dimensions (H×L×W): 19 1/4″ × 15 3/4″ × 8 3/4″ Extended H: 25 1/4″

Robot Coupe R2N Features

The food processor comes with multiple features: both a 3-quart cutter bowl and a continuous feed vegetable preparation attachment, each designed to fit on one single motor base. The Robot Coupe is designed in such a way that it recognizes and maximizes the different preparations common to most foodservice businesses and completing the task with efficiency with one unit. So when you purchase an R2N Food Processor, you’re essentially getting two units in one price: a bowl unit and a continuous feed unit.

Easy to Use

The operation doesn’t get much simpler than this unit’s 3-button control panel. Simple switches for “on” and “off” take all the work of processing, while a “pulse” option allows for more precision control when you need it.

Ergonomics and Manual to use in an Ease way

There are a number of ergonomic attributes on the R2N that make operation easier and more convenient for the buyer and its ultimate user. For instance, the poly carbonate cutting bowl has a lid designed to quickly add additional ingredients and/or liquids while processing.


The Robot Coupe R2N has a pulse function/button on the front of the unit that will deliver that extra control and precision-driven performance that you expect from your food service equipment.


The R2N can perform multiple functions at a time like Chopping, grinding, kneading, mixing, pureeing. The R2N comes standard with a patented stainless steel “S” blade and 2 discs, a 4 mm slicer and a 2 mm grater, which will cover a large range of preparation tasks. However, there are also many add-ons that will make your unit more versatile and will offer different cutting capabilities for your menu demands.


Did you know that in under two minutes this food processor can whip up a homemade bowl of mayonnaise, a steak tartare, or a fruit compote (to name a few)? The investment will pay for itself thanks to the sheer speed in which it gets work done day after day.


The R2N food processor is equipped with a heavy-duty industrial induction motor that is engineered for durability and reliability in rigorous commercial applications. The direct-driven motor is also built on ball bearings for silent operation without vibration, and because there are no belts or brushes, maintenance is minimal! So whether you’re preparing small meals or working on a large scale meal production it will make your work really easy and less bothersome.


The R2N features a slim, compact design that is invaluable for commercial kitchens, which are notoriously short on space. At just over 8 inches wide, the R2N will fit just about anywhere on your counter top, without sacrificing any additional space.


Robot Coupe’s omnipresence to the food service market is exemplification to its quality and proven success in the workplace. Commercial kitchens everywhere, from schools to hospitals, catering businesses, and restaurants large and small, trust Robot Coupe to deliver high performances and consistent results, while helping to streamline the daily operations, thereby saving time.

Additional Options

In addition to the two discs that come standard with your R2N purchase, there are over 20 discs that can be purchased additionally to add to the range of cuts and techniques out there. There are also two different blades that can be purchased including a coarse serrated “S” blade, used to knead and grind, and a fine serrated “S” blade, which is used to chop fine, leafy produce. Finally, there are also different bowl types available for you, including a clear poly-carbonate, a grey poly-carbonate, and a stainless steel option.

Warranty Policy

All parts come with the manufacturer’s warranty. That warranty claims that if a part has a manufacturing defect, it will be replaced by the company. Factory warranties can take up to 2 months.

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Robot Coupe R2N Parts Images:

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Troubleshooting Aids

These sections indicate potential problems and the correct solution which should be implemented by the user. Problems which extend beyond these will require an experienced serviceman:

A. when the unit does not start

  • Pull the plug and try another outlet.
  • Make sure that the lid of the bowl is in the proper position with the ramp fully pushed to the right, engaging the safety mechanism.
  • Check the safety switch pin. Otherwise, it will break if the attachment cover is not removed before the attachment.

B. Continuous feed lead will not fit flush with continuous feed attachment

  • Processing plate is not in its proper position.
  • The rim of a plate should be level with the upper edge of the motor base.

C. Unit stops during processing

  • Turn unit off, and unplug the machine
  • Remove continuous feed lead
  • Remove cutting disc
  • Remove product being processed from inside of the machine and continuous feed lead
  • Reassemble unit

Robot Coupe R2N Manual (Spec Sheet, Parts Diagram, Attachments)


  • Great performance and great versatility;
  • Relatively affordable for a basic commercial food processor;
  • The longest motor warranty of any commercial food processor;
  • The convenience of external ejection chute on vegetable prep attachment


  • The motor is only powerful enough for smaller establishments where it will be used just a few hours a day;
  • It only comes with 3 blade/disc attachments and 1 cutter bowl (other accessories are sold separately and can be pricey);
  • No blade storage included with your purchase;
  • Can’t see ingredients through the cutter bowl

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Robot-Coupe has a reputation for manufacturing quality equipment. This is one of Robot-Coupe’s most popular, basic models because of its impressive performance, versatility, and relative affordability when compared to other commercial food processors. The R2N is best suited for smaller restaurants, catering businesses, or personal chefs given its 1HP motor. However, it could also be an excellent investment for the serious home cook with a big family. It has the longest motor warranty of any commercial food processor on the market, which underscores Robot-Coupe’s confidence in the longevity and quality of their product.

The main negative is that you only get three blade/disc attachments with your purchase and have to buy the rest separately, which can significantly drive up the cost of the machine. Additionally, while the vegetable prep attachment is great for processing smaller, narrower food items (like cucumbers, zucchinis, carrots, etc.), the feeder tubes aren’t really large enough to accommodate bigger/wider food items (like potatoes or turnips) without some trimming. With that said, Robot-Coupe does sell other vegetable prep attachments with larger feeder tubes that you can purchase separately. The R2N is a high-performing and durable basic machine that can be as versatile as you want it to be. By all accounts, it is a must-have workhorse for any professional chef or serious home cook.

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