Best Robot Coupe Food Processor


For over 50 years now, the robot coupe food processor has made life easier for thousands of families, restaurants, small shop owners to process their food.

They have become the chef’s greatest allies even in the smallest kitchens all over the world.

In this article, we will learn about robot coupe, their types of food processors, and review the best among them. Using this guide, you can choose the right processor for your needs.

What is a Robot Coupe?

Robot Coupe is a manufacturer of culinary equipment for over 50 years.

Robot Coupe has established itself as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of food processors, vegetable slicers, cutters, mixers, blenders, and juice extractors.

Where is Robot Coupe manufactured?

Over the past 5 decades, the company has been manufacturing affordable yet durable machines in France and the USA. Robot Coupe appliances are easy to use and have a variety of features that can make life easier for you.

What is a Robot Coupe used for? 

These processors can be used for various functions such as emulsifying fruits, meat, and nuts. One can also prepare doughs of puff pastries and bread along with mashing potatoes and making salads.

Robot Coupe Food Processor

Types of Robot Coupe Food Processor

Vegetable Slicers let you save time and effort while preparing food in the kitchen.

Robot Coupe Food Processor comes in 4 types:


  • Includes a vegetable preparation attachment
  • Contains a large hopper that enables the processing of large vegetables, such as lettuce and cabbage.
  • Featuring 48 discs, you can slice, grate, cut into sticks, strips, or dice as small as 5mm.
  • Functions: Slice, Ripple cut, Grate, Julienne, Dicing equipment, French Fries, Brunoise, Waffle, and Puree

Used primarily in small shops to prepare food, sandwiches, salads, sliced meat, and cheese. Also on institutions, caterers, and restaurants.

Recommended: Robot Coupe CL50


  • Includes a cutter bowl attachment
  • In a few minutes, a food processor can chop, grind, mix, knead, and puree all kinds of food efficiently, providing consistency and quality results.
  • Processors with a 3000 rpm speed can produce smooth mousses.
  • Functions: Shred, Chop, Mix, and Knead

Used primarily in small shops to prepare food, sandwiches, salads, sliced meat, and cheese. Also on institutions, caterers, and restaurants.

Recommended: Robot Coupe R2B CLR

Cutter & Slicer (2 in 1)

  • Includes a cutter bowl and a vegetable preparation attachment
  • Their wide selection of discs allows them to grind, chop, knead, mix, and, for the R402 and bigger models, even dice and prepare French fries to perfection.
  • As you begin to use them, you’ll find that they are capable of performing a variety of tasks.
  • Functions: Slice, Ripple cut, Grate, Julienne, Dicing equipment, French Fries, Shred, Chop, Mix, and Knead

Used primarily in caterers, institutions, and restaurants.

Recommended: Robot Coupe R2 Dice

Blixer (Blender & Mixer)

  • Includes a blender mixer bowl 
  • Transforms raw products into texture-modified foods.
  • A Blixer can prepare pureed, raw, semi-liquid, liquid, and pasty meals with ease.
  • These models make it easy to make mixed and liquidized foods for tube feeding.
  • Functions: Shred, Chop, and Mix

Used primarily in hospitals, nursing homes, and restaurants

Recommended: Robot Coupe Blixer 3

Robot Coupe Food Processor Comparison

We have compared all the features and prices of food processors at once so that you can go through them and choose the one that suits you the most. Our in-depth reviews will ensure you know the advantages and disadvantages of each processor.

#1 Bestseller
Cutter/Slicer3 L172510
2R101 B CLR
Top Rated
Cutter2.5 L17254
3R2 Dice
People's Choice
Cutter/Slicer3 L172510
4CL50Slicer330 lbs/hr4259
5R2N CLRCutter/Slicer3 L172510
6R2B CLRCutter3 L17254
7R2N UltraCutter/Slicer3 L172510
8Blixer 2Blender/Mixer2.9 L34503
9Blixer 3Blender/Mixer3.7 L34503

💠 Best For Home and Small Shop Owners: Robot Coupe CL50

💠 Best Economical Processor: Robot Coupe R101B CLR

💠 Best For Commercial & Home Use: Robot Coupe R2N

💠 Best For Healthcare NeedsRobot Coupe Blixer 3

What is a Robot Coupe good for? 

In a place where you want to cook your food very quickly and in large amounts, the Robot Coupe is your best & ideal option. Robot Coupe products are used in;

  • Full service
  • Fast-food
  • Hotel catering
  • Corporate catering
  • Catering for the educational sector
  • Catering in the healthcare sector
  • Bakers and confectioners
  • Delicatessen catering
  • Supermarkets

Why do you need a Robot Coupe Food Processor?

Owning a robot coupe food processor has many advantages. If you are tired of grinding, chopping, mixing doughs, and slicing your food by hand then a robot coupe is your best bet.

You can save yourself from the hassle of wasting a large amount of time in the preparation of ingredients.

With Robot Coupe, you can

✔️ Reduce the amount of manual labor in the kitchen
✔️ Increase productivity and thus profitability
✔️ Easy and quick processing of fresh, local products
✔️ Maintaining impeccable hygiene and safety

It can also save you a lot of money since you can make expensive sauces and baby food using this equipment which eradicates the need to purchase canned food and sauces.

robot coupe benefits

How long does Robot Coupe last?

The best part is that these Robot Coupe food processors last for at least a decade which makes up for the expensive pricing of a few models.

A good processor has many additional attachments which make it a versatile piece of equipment that can easily act as a replacement for ricers, bread mixers, juicers, graters, and coffee grinders.

We have chosen our picks of best robot coupe processors as they perform a majority of these functions.

Best Robot Coupe Vegetable Slicer

Robot Coupe CL50

Robot Coupe CL50 is a vegetable preparation machine and its best feature is its large hopper which makes room for the addition of whole vegetables which are big in size.

For instance, you can add 10 tomatoes in one go which will save you a substantial amount of time.

The best part of this food processor is that it comes with a total of 50 discs and each disc gives a distinctive cut such as cubes, juliennes, and shreds, etc.

Robot Coupe R2N Ultra(⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4/5)

The processing time of the appliance is 5 g per minute which is favorable if you are using this machine for commercial purposes.

Another interesting attachment that comes with the CL50 processor is a potato ricer which churns out perfectly mashed potatoes.

The model also has a cylindrical hopper which ensures that long vegetables are cut with precision. The processor has been made keeping in mind the hygiene of the food and the smooth inhibits any food from getting accumulated in the corners.


  • Comes with 50 discs that offer different vegetable cuts
  • Large hopper processes a large number of vegetables in one go
  • Cylindrical hopper cuts long vegetables with ease.
  • Easy to clean
  • Polycarbonate base makes sure that the machine remains sturdy


  • The absence of a bowl might be a con for some.

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Best Robot Coupe Vegetable Cutter

Robot Coupe R101B CLR

R101B CLR is one of Robot Coupe’s most affordable food processor models. It has no fancy features, but it does its job well.

The bowl capacity is 2.5 QTS and it is made of good quality polycarbonate plastic and it can withstand hot liquids since it is heatproof as well.

This is one of the most lightweight robot coupe food processors of this range weighing only 26 pounds.

Robot Coupe R101 B CLR(⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.5/5)

The best features of the product include an induction motor, magnetic safety system, and motor brake. The motor is 3/4 HP and it can be cooled by a fan situated in the base.

R101B CLR is Perfect for emulsifying mayonnaise and mashed potatoes, this product churns out 400 servings in 3 hours! R101 B CLR has an on and off switch and a single-speed of 1725 rpm.


  • Small but prepares 400 servings in 3 hours
  • Perfect for home usage
  • Lightweight and user-friendly
  • Bowl made of good quality plastic
  • Long-lasting and durable


  • No extra features and accessories
  • Does not have an option for continuous feed

If your requirement is an economical, simple yet powerful food processor then this one is a must buy.

Customer Feedback: In the past, we chopped frozen cookies into “cookie crush,” which worked until the motor broke down, forcing us to purchase another. Robot Coupe is a much more powerful machine. This grinder doesn’t even break a sweat when it comes to grinding frozen cookies. Worked great, efficient.

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Robot Coupe R2B CLR

It is also one of the most widely sold food processors.

It has a decently powered 1 hp motor and a 3-quart polycarbonate bowl capacity. The positive reviews about the product make it worthy of a purchase.

Robot Coupe R2B CLR(⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.1/5)

The appliance has a single speed of 1725 rpm and an S blade which ensures fast processing of large amounts of food. It has a proven track record of 600-800 servings in 2-3 hours which makes it the perfect appliance if you wish to cook large amounts of food.


  • Comprises of a pulse switch which ensures precise cuts
  • Comes with an induction motor
  • Clear bowl with a handle so that you can view, product
  • S blade with a stainless steel blade
  • Comprises of a single powerful speed


  • Does not have extra attachments

The speed of blending can be optimized by using the pulse mode of the machine. Robot Coupe R2B CLR is a great relief from chopping and dicing since this high-performance processor does everything flawlessly. The assembly build of the processor is worth a mention and it is known to last for multiple years.

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Best Robot Coupe Vegetable Cutter & Slicer

Robot Coupe R2N

Robot Coupe R2N is a perfect amalgamation of power and durability. It is a 1 HP food processor which is used for domestic and commercial purposes alike.

It is being extensively used in hospitals, hotels, and pharmaceutical companies for the processing of ingredients. If used correctly, it is capable of producing thousands of servings in just three hours which amounts to 90lbs of vegetables in an hour.

Robot Coupe R2N Continuous Feed Combination Food Processor(⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.8/5)

Extremely easy to use, R2N is one of the best commercial food processors on the market. The bowl of the appliance holds 3 quarts of food.

The lid of the appliance is made of polycarbonate and the bowl has been crafted using stainless steel. The unit has two disc attachments which are 5/64″ and 5/32″ in thickness and they can be used for grating a slicing.

The equipment also has 23 other discs which can be purchased separately. R2N has been rated quite high on durability and it is ideal for kneading, chopping, and mincing.


  • Comes with two attachments for slicing and grating
  • Has a continuous feed design
  • It is extremely compacted and occupies very little space.
  • Works at a speed of 1725 RPMs
  • Has a vertical push which creates pressure on vegetables for uniform and sharp cuts.


  • It comes with 23 accessories and attachments out of which only 2 come with the processor. The other attachments must be purchased separately which will add to the cost of the processor.

Specially made for commercial purposes, Robot Coupe is capable of processing large amounts of food in no time. It has a variety of attachments and a huge capacity.

The continuous feed option is extremely convenient and allows ingredients to be processed consistently with ease.

Known to function for hours together, this robot coupe food processor comes with a 3- year warranty on the motor and 1 -year warranty on parts.

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Alternative Option

Robot Coupe R2N Ultra (Best Food Processor For Home Use)

Like the R2N model, this model has 2 attachments which are 2 mm and 4mm. Others need to be purchased for $80 apiece.

Full vegetables like cabbages and broccoli can be chopped into 30 seconds flat which is commendable for a food processor.

R2N Ultra has the best customer reviews for performing tasks like grating, pureeing, and slicing.

Robot Coupe R2N Ultra

Most people wonder whether it is really worth spending a hefty sum on a food processor. Well, it is one hundred times worth what you pay. It has three different speeds and functions at an unimaginable level when at maximum speed.

It can effortlessly accommodate large batches of pastry, bread dough, or sauce. There is no need to repeat the same procedure.

Liability: As the manufacturer gives the maximum warranty, you can remain at peace of mind and enjoy its features as you wish.

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Robot Coupe R2 Dice

Comprising of a bowl which is 2.9 liters, this robot coupe food processor has a powerful 2 HP motor. The machine has 3 kinds of blades namely a smooth blade, serrated blade, and finely serrated blades.

The three accessories include a 5/64” grating disc, a 5/32” slicing disc, and a 3/8” dicing kit. The serrated blades can process vegetables that are hard with ease.

However, if you wish to process smaller vegetables, this will not be suitable.

Difference Between R2N & R2 Dice

R2N and R2 Dice are the same products, the R2 Dice comes with the added dicing unit which costs the extra 50 bucks. Dicing grids are useful for cutting dice. Helps in dicing both hard and soft vegetables and fruits.

Also, the motor shaft on the Dice series is longer than that on the R2N series.

Robot Coupe R2 Dice(⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.9/5)

The fine serrated blade available in the equipment is more suitable for chopping herbs and smaller vegetables like garlic. The handle of the bowl is ergonomic, and it thereby offers a good grip.

The vegetable attachments can be removed easily and cleaned in a dishwasher. The machine has 3 controls namely switching on, pulse, and switch off.

As the name suggests, this is a dicing machine that can also be used for juliennes, slicing, shredding, and grating. One can also use the bowl to blend, mix and knead doughs.


  • Comprises of three blades for slicing
  • Has removable parts that can be cleaned easily.
  • Perfect for dicing, mincing, and grating
  • Has a chute and feed lead
  • Operates fast at 1,725 RPMs


  • Can be slightly noisy

Cleaning up this bowl and discs is extremely easy as they are completely dishwasher safe. Great for turning cabbage into coleslaw and cheese for pizza.

The combination of dicing grids and slicing discs makes it possible to dice potatoes, other vegetables, and fruits.

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Robot Coupe R2N CLR

The Robot Coupe R2N CLR is the perfect robot coupe food processor for making salsa.

The highlight feature of this product is the kidney-shaped opening which can be used to add continuous food while the processor is running.

The 3 qt. bowl of this product is made of polycarbonate plastic. This processor has features like an induction motor, motor brake, and magnet attachment for safety.

The performance of this processor is commendable as it can produce 800-900 servings over a period of 3 hours.

Robot Coupe R2N CLR(⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.5/5)

The appliance has three blades which are 1 S-shaped blade and two additional discs for grating and chopping. Apart from this, R2N CLR has 21 additional blades for various functions that can be bought separately.

Overall, the processor performs well for the price and is known to last longer than many other famous counterparts.


  • Kidney shaped opening for the introduction of ingredients
  • Comes with a Vegetable preparation attachment
  • 3 quarts bowl capacity
  • 21 varieties of accessories and attachments can be purchased separately
  • 3 blades are offered complimentary with the product.
  • Processes 850 servings in 3 hours


  • Has only 1 speed of 1725rpm
  • Bowl height is 25 inches which are a con for some users

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Robot Coupe R101

The Robot Coupe R101’s dicing mechanism is perfect if you wish to work with hard cheeses, nuts, and other hard ingredients.

This powerful processor has a bowl capacity of 2.5 quarts and a transparent grey colored bowl. The S-shaped blade of this processor is perfect for processing big and small quantities of food.

It also has 23 additional blades which are perfect for processing chopping, kneading, slicing, and grating food.

Robot Coupe R101(⭐⭐⭐ 3.5/5)

All the parts of the equipment including blades, pushers, lids, and feed tubes can be removed from the base and are dishwasher safe.

The processor is suitable for making 10-20 meals in one shot. The slight downside of the R101 is that the motor runs on HP ¾ which is lesser than its other models.


  • Comes with a gray-colored sturdy plastic bowl
  • Comprises of powerful dicing mechanism which gives it the capability of processing hardest ingredients
  • Comes with 23 discs to perform various functions
  • Perfect for domestic uses
  • Reliable and durable


  • The motor is not very strong since it has a horsepower of ¾
  • Has a single speed
  • Comes with on and off controls only

The blades that come with the food processor are suitable for kneading doughs, making hummus, peanut butters and even brittles!

The dough blade also helps in dough making and the other blades offer various functions which make it one of the best food processors which are worth every penny!

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Best Robot Coupe Blender & Mixer

Robot Coupe Blixer 3

Robot Coupe Blixer 3 is a top-notch food processor mainly used for commercial purposes. Comprising of three control buttons, turn raw ingredients into pastes, juliennes, and slices in just a few seconds.

The equipment has a 1.5 HP motor which operates at 3450 RPMs. Containing S-shape blades, Robot Coupe Blixer 3 has a 3.7-liter bowl made of stainless steel.

It has removable dishwasher parts which make it easy to maintain the processor. It also has a chimney opening on the lid which makes it easy for you to add ingredients while the processor is working.

Robot Coupe Blixer 3 Food Processor with Stainless Steel Bowl

One of the bestselling equipment of Robot Coupe, Blixer 3’s highlight is its scraping arm and lip wiper due to which you do not have to touch the food directly and dirty your hands.

Apart from the above-mentioned features, the processor offers an induction motor, leak-proof lid, and a magnetic motor brake. Overall, the RC Blixer 3 is perfect for functions namely pureeing, mincing, chopping, and homogenizing.


  • Shockproof and heatproof lid
  • The unit base does not occupy too much space
  • Easy pulse function makes good cuts
  • 1.5 Hp Motor
  • 3.7-liter bowl made of stainless steel
  • Blade and motor shaft are made of stainless steel


  • Does not have attachments

It has an extremely powerful motor which pulses ingredients in a jiffy.

If you are looking for a powerhouse food processor for blending and chopping, you will not be able to find one which is better than this one

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Robot Coupe Blixer

Endowed with a 2.5 Quartz capacity, Robot Coupe Blixer 2 is a compact food processor with some great features.

It has a polycarbonate lid which allows trickle feeding of ingredients while the processor is running. The scraper arm of the equipment comprises two arms that are easily removable.

If you wish to purchase a food processor to do tasks like pureeing, pulverizing spices, and grinding ingredients in smooth pastes to make sauces then the Robot Coupe Blixer 2 is the best for you.

Robot Coupe Blixer 2 Food Processor

The blade of this processor is finely serrated, and it has a cap that can be removed. The 2.9 bowls of the processor are made of stainless steel and are completely leak-proof.

The processor can be used as 2 in 1 equipment for chopping as well as a blender to make pastes and purees. The handle of the food blender is insulated with a material that gives it a better grip.

The blender works on a single-speed range of 3000 RPM. This product has reached our top processor list due to the positive reviews it has received from its users.


  • The bowl of the food processor is leak proof
  • Perfect for chopping and blending alike
  • Durable and compact (perfect for those with storage issues)
  • Safety features including one for blade and the other for motor security


  • Does not have any extra attachments

This food processor feels solid when compared to its price. It is not suitable for heavy-duty dough making and mixing. The 700 watts motor has a polycarbonate base and is extremely quiet.

Overall, this food processor is value for money. It lasts at least for 10 years which covers the cost compared to purchasing ten $50 food processors which do not last more than a year when used daily.

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Robot Coupe Blixer 60

RC Blixer 60 is a vertical food processor comprising of two speeds including 1800 and 3600 RPM.

The motor of the Robot Coupe Blixer 60 is 16 hp and it is capable of processing tons of meat and vegetables in a few hours as the bowl capacity of the same is 60 QTS.

The best functions of this processor include emulsifying, pureeing, grinding, and chopping.

Robot Coupe Blixer 60

If you require a food processor that will process hundreds of servings in an hour then this is the most suitable. The s-shaped blade of this processor is best for chopping onions, pineapples, and many other hard ingredients.

The blades of this food processor have been tested by experts in the food industry therefore, you can rest assured about the quality. A recent survey has revealed that users have used this food for at least a decade before replacing it with a new one.

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How We Selected Top Products?

To choose the below-mentioned best food processors, we spent over 99 hours researching options. We have included models that range from light to heavy units that can perform a series of functions including grinding of coffee and kneading the dough.

We also read material like blogs from professional chefs and housewives who use these food processors in their daily lives. Our research is also based on the following factors: –

  • Features offered by the manufacturer in comparison to the price of the machine
  • Attachment types offered by the manufacturer
  • Reviews and ratings provided by consumers to the product
  • Technical glitches reported in the product by its users
  • The warranty period of the product relative to its durability
  • Any additional bonuses offered by the manufacturer distinguishes the food processor from the others.

Robot Coupe Food Processor Buying Guide

While purchasing a food processor, you will have to consider several things which are as follows:

Motor Performance

If you are someone who uses their food processors very often, then you would require a heavy-duty motor. Solid motors are powerful, and they can handle multiple tasks in a day without ease.

If the motor is strong, then the processor will be able to perform tasks such as chopping hard food like carrots extremely easily. For a 9-cup food processor, a 600-watt motor is recommended.


If you are always short of time, then you would require a blender that is easy to maintain.

Look for food processors which has dishwasher-safe parts so that they can be cleaned without much hassle.

Safety Features

Safety is an integral part of using a food processor.

You need to choose one that has safety features for blades, automatic locks, and motor safety contributing to the durability of the machine.

Extra Attachments

Attachments like grating blades, coffee grinder, juicer, or dough kneading accessories enhance the functionality of the machine. However, they can come for an added price and can also occupy extra space.

vegetable cutting slicing chopping

Therefore, before purchasing them, you will have to gauge if they are of any use to you. However, some basic attachments like blades and discs will make usage easier for you which is why they are recommended.

High-Quality Work-Bowl

The bowl of a food processor is its integral part. It must be made of good quality materials such as polycarbonate and stainless steel to ensure durability.


The overall features of the processor must be considered before purchasing it.

Aspects like motor speed, opening on top for straw feeding ingredients, and an easy-to-use touchpad with raised buttons for easy access are some of the features you will have to consider.


Food processors have varied sizes including compact 3 cup variety to huge 20 cup forms. The size which is most suitable for you depends on the size of the audience you will be serving.

If you have a small family of 4 and you need it for chopping and dough preparation, then 9-11 cup processors are sufficient.

However, for small tasks such as chopping, a 3-cup system is more than enough.


Food processors come in a varied range of prices according to their functions and sizes.

To know if the equipment you are purchasing is worth the price, you will have to study its features and functionality including the power of the motor and additional accessories offered.

Robot Coupe Design & features

  • There are over 15 models of processors offered by Robot Coupe in a variety of colors and designs. The designs of these food processors are sleek, and they do not take up much space compared to other models.
  • Most of these processors come with accessories such as steel discs, racks, wall mounting facilities, etc.
  • Models used for vegetable preparation can churn out multiple batches in an hour by performing functions such as slicing, grating, and dicing.
  • Apart from normal food preparation machines, Robot Coupe also sells Blixers which are processors including a combination of mixers and blenders.

Some of the most common features found in Robot Coupe Food Processors are as follows: –

  • The tight-fitting lid makes using the product easy
  • A coarsely serrated blade ensures good performance in grinding and kneading.
  • S-shaped standard blade
  • Fine blade for functions such as chopping
  • Pulse control
  • Two different types are hoppers namely cylindrical and large.
  • Failsafe system and motor brake which inhibits blades from moving if the lid is suddenly opened
  • Multiple stainless-steel discs which can grate, ripple cut, and julienne.
  • Bowl made of good quality stainless steel
  • Removable Scraper Arm

Editor’s Pick

The Robot Coupe R2N, R2N Ultra & R2 Dice is our top favorite among the above-mentioned food processors.

If you have a restaurant, food kiosk, or need to prepare ingredients to cook for your family on an everyday basis, then this model is the most suitable for you.

The turn-around time for 2000 servings is 3 hours which is almost record-breaking. The speed can be set according to your choice. Comprising of an H2 motor, this food processor is capable of pulsing almost anything.

Robot Coupe R2N Combination Continuous Feed Food Processor with 3 Qt. Gray Polycarbonate Bowl - 1 hp

Completely noiseless, Robot Coupe R2N has a series of safety features that ensure that there are no mishaps taking place when you use the machine.

Users who have purchased this machine and they have stated that the machine has lasted for quite a few years which speaks a lot for its durability.

The product has passed a breakability test of its parts as narrated by many users who have bought this product.

The price of the food processor is slightly higher, but it will last you at least a decade or two which makes it worth every penny spent.

Final Thoughts

Out of the above-mentioned Robot Coupe food processors, choosing the best for you solely depends on your usage.

You will also have to weigh the strength of the machine when compared to the others as one single processor might not perform all functions with perfection.

For instance, a good food processor may be suitable for chopping and shredding, but it might fail to perform tasks such as dough making and pulverizing.

We consider robot coupe food processors to be durable, reducing the need to purchase food processors over the course of many years.

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