Robot Coupe R101 Review – Light Duty Vegetable Mixture

Robot Coupe R 101 Combination Cutter and Vegetable Slicer with 2.5 qt. Gray Polycarbonate Bowl - 120V

Easily manage all of your establishment’s food processing needs with the convenient two in one Robot Coupe R101

The R101 combines the functions of a bowl cutter and vegetable preparation machine in one convenient unit. Thanks to its small footprint, this processor is perfect for restaurants, caterers, and schools with limited kitchen space.

The Robot Coupe R101 vegetable prep machine and vertical cutter mixer duly include the working capabilities of two equipment in one, which remarkably makes it two-in-one. The complete set includes the number of accessories, which are blade cuts, chops, blends, and purées quickly and consistently. Grating and slicing can be done with the included discs and it can be used for softening products too. A bowl which is spacious enough and 2 deep feed openings make a space for a number of different ingredients.

Robot Coupe R101P Combination Cutter and Vegetable Slicer with 2.5 Qt Gray Polycarbonate Bowl - 34 hp

Give your vegetables a perfect section for cutting and slicing with the Robot Coupe R101.

This combination unit features a 3/4 horsepower motor for outstanding power, and its bowl is both durable and lightweight. The blade is made of stainless steel for a long product life, and a grating disc and slicing disc are both included for extra performance and ease of functioning. There is one kidney-shaped and cylindrical vegetable prep attachment lid makes it easy to feed and process vegetables, last but not the least its space optimum utilization.


Standard Model: Includes motor base unit, 2.5 Qt. grey cutter bowl with stainless steel “S” blade, see-thru lid with two deep feed openings, one 5/32” (4mm) slicing disc, and one 5/64” (2mm) medium grating disc.

Electrical requirements: 120V, 60HZ, 7 Amps.

Switching: Clearly depicting the panel with crisp push on/off buttons.

Motor: 3/4 HP, 1725 RPM, direct-drive, fan-cooled.

Weight: 21 lbs. net, 25 lbs. approximate shipping weight.

Standards: ETL electrical & sanitation, cETL (Canada)

Basic features:

  1. Two machines in one.
  2. Mechanical safety system and motor brake.
  3. Direct Drive, fan-cooled, 3/4 HP motor.
  4. The large variety of stainless steel processing discs to opt from
  5. 5 Qt. gray cutter bowl with see-thru lid.
  6. The lid has two deep feed openings.
  7. Attachments easily removed for superior cleaning and hassle-free.
  8. Unit base uses minimal counter space.
  9. Standard package includes two processing discs – grating and slicing
  10. 1-year parts and labor warranty

Robot Coupe R101 Parts Features

9-liter cutter bowl

Constructed to perform all types of coarse and fine chopping, stuffing, emulsions, kneading and grinding. Single speed 1500 Rpm. The R101 features a heavy-duty grey polycarbonate 2.5 qt batch bowl and a smooth stainless steel “S” blade that’s ideal for the fine or coarse mincing of ingredients as well as making sauces and emulsifying foods.

Coarse and fine serrated blades can also be purchased separately and used with the R101. The clear lid allows you to see everything inside ensuring you don’t over- or under mix.

Versatile Vegetable Preparation Function

The R101 is compatible with a large range of 23 stainless steel discs. You’ll be able to slice, dice, ripple cut, grate, and shred all types of fruits and vegetables. This unit comes equipped with a 2 mm grating and 4 mm slicing disc so you can begin using it right away.

The prep attachment lid gives you the versatility of efficiently slicing up any sized fruit or vegetable. The large kidney-shaped hopper is meant for bulkier items like cabbage and celery. While the smaller cylindrical hopper is the perfect size for cutting up narrow or delicate vegetables like carrots, cucumbers, and mushrooms.

The patented blade gives perfect results for any quantity whether it’s small or large.

Single speed 1500 Rpm.

The complete collection of stainless steel discs is readily available which fits it all requirements and makes the preparation of various items a lot easier.

Included discs:


  • The complete collection of stainless steel discs available
  • Clear polycarbonate bowl and vegetable slicer lid with internal ejection allow the operator to see the product while the machine is in use
  • Easy to remove parts make clean-up simple and sanitary

Efficient and Easy-to-Use

  • A 3/4 HP induction motor powers the R101 allowing it to produce up to 15 meals per service.
  • This processor is also extremely simple to use with only two buttons used to turn the machine on and off.


  • 3 Year motor warranty
  • 1 Year parts & labor warranty

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  • Comes with a gray colored sturdy plastic bowl
  • Comprises of powerful dicing mechanism which gives it the capability of processing the hardest ingredients
  • Comes with 23 discs to perform various functions
  • Perfect for domestic uses
  • Reliable and durable


  • The motor is not very strong since it has a horsepower of ¾
  • Has a single speed
  • Comes with on and off controls only

Robot Coupe R101 Parts Images:


 Trouble Shooting Aids

A. Unit does not start when assembled correctly

  • Pull the plug and try another outlet
  • Make sure bowl lid or continuous feed lead is in the proper position
  • Check the safety switch pin

B. Continuous feed lead

  • If a processing plate is not in its upright position.
  • The rim of the plate should be level with the upper edge of the motor base

C. Unit stops during processing

  • Turn unit off, and unplug the machine
  • Remove continuous feed lead
  • Remove cutting disc
  • Remove product being processed from inside of the machine and continuous feed lead
  • Reassemble unit

D. If the unit does not operate after following above

  • Check outlet for current (Breaker or Fuse)
  • Try unit again
  • Call the local authorized service agency

E. Unit starts to spark or smoke

  • Turn unit off, unplug it, call local authorized service agency.

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Easily manage all of your establishment’s food processing needs with the convenient two-in-one Robot Coupe R101 Combination Processor. The R101 Plus combines the functions of a bowl cutter and vegetable preparation machine in one convenient unit. Thanks to its small footprint, this processor is perfect for restaurants, caterers, and schools with limited kitchen space.

The blades that come with the food processor are suitable for kneading doughs, making hummus, peanut butter and even brittles! The dough blade also helps in dough making and the other blades offer various functions that make it one of the best food processors, which are worth every penny!

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