Dolphin Nautilus CC Vs. CC Plus Pool Cleaner Review & Comparison


dolphin-nautilus-cc-vs-nautilus-cc-plusThe inception of robotic pool cleaners has revolutionized the lifestyle of people. Now more and more people are switching for these efficient pool cleaner devices due to their performance, optimal cleaning results, and affordability.

Maytronics is a brand that manufactures best-in-class robotic pool cleaners that have top-of-the-line features, and are extremely durable. Their Nautilus range is quite prominent among the users due to their features and affordable pricing. But here’s a twist!

Most of the users often get confused between different models available in the Nautilus range. The manufacturer offers Nautilus CC, and Nautilus CC Plus so it is obvious why buyers get confused between these two effective pool cleaners.

In this article, we have explored and described the core differences between these two robotic pool cleaners. Our review team tested these products on various parameters to evaluate the performance and some essential features. Here is a comprehensive comparison between Nautilus CC, and Nautilus CC Plus that will help you in buying the best in-ground pool cleaner.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Vs. Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus

We have compared these products based on the features they offer and their performance. For your ease, we have mentioned every feature in detail, so it will be much straightforward for you to pick the best cleaner for your requirements.

Dolphin 99996323 Nautilus Robotic Pool Cleaner

  • Dolphin Nautilus CC is an automatic pool cleaner that needs no human intervention.
  • The pool cleaner is ideal for cleaning even the toughest of stains, all thanks to the powerful brush, and active spin that makes cleaning more effective! Moreover, the users get the option to set a weekly cleaning schedule, and it will make your life hassle-free.
  • The cleaner will automatically clean the pool based on the schedule you have set with the help of smart controller available with the pool cleaner. Also, the cleaning device has a one-touch operation, and it plunges into action once you tap the power button.

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Dolphin 99996403-PC Nautilus Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner

  • Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus is an upgraded version of Nautilus CC because it comes with some essential features which were missing in the previous version.
  • The cleaning hose of this cleaner is long, which means it is ideal for cleaning a bigger pool. Nautilus CC Plus comes loaded with CleverClean technology that cleans your pool based on the best cleaning pattern.
  • There is no random cleaning, and thus, you will save a lot of time and power. A weekly cleaning schedule is available in Nautilus CC Plus, and the buyers will be able to set the cleaning schedule as per their preference.

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Comparison Review

Cleaning Performance

Both of the cleaners give neck-to-neck competition to each other as they come equipped with a lot of features which are necessary for powerful cleaning. When we talk about Nautilus CC, you will get it offers a standard cleaning of 3 hours. The single active cleaning brush of the cleaner spins two times faster than the conventional automatic cleaners; as a result, the cleaning will be more efficient.

Nautilus CC Plus is better in terms of cleaning performance. The robotic pool cleaner has dual scrubbing brushes so that the cleaning will be supreme and optimal. Also, the robotic cleaner has a standard cleaning time of 2.5 hours, and you can rest assured that it will remove all the dirt and debris from your pool.


If you have a filthy pool that needs frequent cleaning, then Nautilus CC Plus is an excellent option for you. The dual brushes have faster spins, and the cleaner can remove even the toughest of stains sticking on the walls or floor of your pool.


Filtration is a crucial part of cleaning because the filter is the element that cleans, and traps all the dust, and debris inside the pool. Both the cleaners have different filtration mechanism. Nautilus CC comes with single level filtration, which can trap fine dirt particles, and has a clog-free device. The filtration mechanism is ideal for moderately dirty pools. The cleaner has a top-load system so the users can access the filter by opening the top shell of the pool cleaner.

Nautilus CC Plus has a large cartridge and dual-level filtration. The filter can easily trap even the tiniest of dirt particles, which makes it an excellent option for users with dirty pools. The cleaner has a bottom-load filter mechanism, and you can access the filter by opening the bottom cap of the robotic pool cleaner.


If you live in an area where the pool test contaminated with fine dust particles, then go for Nautilus CC Plus. It has more effective filtration, and the robust filter can easily trap all the elements contaminating your pool. On the other hand, if your pool gets dirty with debris like leaves, and bigger chunks of dust, then you can purchase Nautilus CC as a budget option.

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Size of Cable

The size of cable is another essential thing that will impact the performance of the pool cleaner. Both of the pool cleaners listed here have different cable lengths, and it makes them ideal for different pool size. Nautilus CC is perfect for cleaning pools that are 33 feet or lesser in size because the cord is 33 feet long and the cleaner will not work in swimming pools that are bigger than 33 feet.

Whereas Nautilus CC Plus has 50 feet cable, so it can effectively clean huge pools. The cable provided along with the robotic pool cleaner from Dolphin is massive, and you can easily manage the cable due to its flexibility.


You can measure the size of your pool and then go for the cleaner that suits best for you. However, if you need to clean multiple pools, then go for Nautilus CC Plus. It is more versatile and is ideal for cleaning small as well as large swimming pools.

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Cable Type

We have come across a lot of users complaining about the cables getting tangled while cleaning the pool. The problem of tangling cables can even lead to cable damage, and it can also affect the cleaning. Nautilus CC and Nautilus CC Plus have different wires, and that makes a huge difference.

Nautilus CC has a standard cable that is durable and prevents the problem of tangling up to some extent. Nautilus CC Plus has anti-tangle swivel cable. The swivel cable keeps all the tangling issues away, and you will never face any issue due to the tangled wires.

When we reviewed both of the cleaners, we were impressed to see the results. Nautilus CC even prevents tangling issues, but there are some chances that the cable can get tangles. But this is not the case with CC Plus, we used the cleaner for random pattern cleaning, and there was no such issue of cable clustering. The cable that comes with CC Plus is very flexible, and the swivel technology protects it from damages caused due to tangled cables.


The users who want a hassle-free cleaner should go for Nautilus CC Plus. You will get the assurance that the automatic cleaner is smart enough to clean the pool thoroughly without getting stuck into its cable.

Cleaning Coverage

Cleaning coverage is the capability of the robotic cleaner to reach different areas of the swimming pool like floors and walls. Nautilus CC and Nautilus CC Plus, both of these cleaners, can reach to different areas of your pool.

These cleaners have a significant design and non-marring wheels that assist them in crawling on the floor and climb on the walls. The tank-like wheels of pool cleaners help them with a strong grip against the walls, and the cleaning becomes optimal.

Both of the models have similar cleaning coverage, and they are ideal for cleaning the floors, and walls of the swimming pool.


Nautilus CC and CC Plus have similar cleaning coverage, and both of them are ideal for cleaning walls and floors. None of them can clean the waterline and external areas of the pool.


Navigation is the most critical feature of an automatic cleaner because it reduces the cleaning time while increasing the cleaning capability. In this case, both models have CleverClean technology, which is only available in pool cleaners manufactured by Maytronics.

The advanced guided system helps the cleaners to scan the pool for producing a specific cleaning plan. When you have any of these models, you can ensure that there will be no random cleaning. The intelligent cleaners come loaded with advanced algorithms to scan the shape of the floor and the walls of your pool.


Choose any of these and get the assurance of automated cleaning with Clever Clean Technology.

What Should You Buy?

The choice of a pool cleaner is entirely dependent on you as both of these models have some benefits and limitations. The buyers who need to clean the pool more efficiently and without any hassles should choose Nautilus CC Plus. The cleaner has swivel cable, weekly cleaning scheduler, dual scrubbing brushes, effective filtration system, and more cleaning time.

In case you are looking for an affordable option then Nautilus CC is a great buy. The cleaner has everything you need and is a complete cleaning package. The robotic cleaner has a weekly scheduler, drop and go functionality, smart controller, and excellent coverage area.

Over to You

We have compared both of the cleaners based on the features and specifications. Go the whole article to choose the one that suits your requirements. Also, the users can refer to the comparison table to make a quick decision.

Both of the cleaners come with the assurance of Maytronics and have a limited period guarantee. Moreover, these save a lot of power and are way more effective than other robotic pool cleaners available in the market.

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