Best In Ground Pool Pump and Filter (Different Speeds)

Best In Ground Pool Pump and Filter

The pool pump is responsible for circulating the water in your pool at a regular interval of time and it prevents the pool water from turning dusty or cloudy. So, it is a good call to choose a pool pump that consumes less energy. The main reason that differentiates in-ground pool pump from other pool pumps is that it is “self-priming”. This means they can lift water vertically since they are located above the water level. They can handle a larger volume of water, at higher flow rates.

These pool pumps are usually 2-3 feet above the water level. Usually, a pool pump takes 8-12 hours to completely turn over the water. And it should last for about 8-10 years before any rebuilding or replacing. So, to size a pool pump, one should determine the GPM (gallons per minute) of the pool. An in-ground pool pump can produce 75-150 GPM.

Choosing Best Pool Pumps for In-Ground Pools?

How to Buy an In Ground Pool Pump?

  • Make sure that when you choose a pump it won’t overwhelm the filtration system.
  • It should have enough horsepower (power of an engine measured in terms of horsepower) to turn over the pools.
  • The bigger in-ground pump needs, a 3 hp motor, while smaller and effective would require a 1 hp pool pump.
  • You should choose the correct pump with a proper filter combination.
  • The sizing of the pump should be accurately fit the filter’s flow rate.
  • The life and efficiency of the pump and filter will drastically reduce if we choose a pump with a higher flow rate than filter which may cause damage to both filters and pumps.
  • Proper pairing of both pump and filter pieces should be examined.
  • We should not choose a pump designed to be used with 2” plumbing pieces and then use a filter designed to be used with 1 ½” plumbing piece.
  • For example,
    • If we choose a pump with 1 ½” inlet/outlet then we should choose a filter with 1 ½” inlet/outlet as well.
    • But choosing a pump with 1 ½” inlet/outlet and a filter with 2” inlet/outlet will gradually decrease the efficiency of the pump and filter leads to damages.
  • A pool pump’s GPM is directly linked to the pump’s filter GPM.
  • Pool pipes are bound to circulate water with much movement and pressure only based on their size.

How to Replace an In Ground Pool Pump?

In-ground pool pumps are designed to lift water vertically by creating suction vacuum through pool drain and skimmers and pushes the water through the filter and then back to the pool. Diminished pump circulation or a complete lack of circulation leads to the filter shut down and solids get accumulated in the water. So, it needs immediate replacement and procedures:

  • Buy a correct in-ground pump motor and shaft seal.
  • Turn off the power to the pump and filter before removing it. Either unplug the pump or just shut off the circuit.
  • To install or replace a new in-ground pool pump one should stop the water flow from the pool. Once the clamps have been removed from the hoses, the water will run out of the pool.
  • Remove the basket from the skimmer and place a rubber stopper over the hole.
  • The hoses from the pipes to the pumps are connected through an adjustable clamp. These clamps have a small screw fixed to it that tightens or loosens the band and remove the remaining water in the hoses and disconnect the hoses from the pump.
  • The pump is connected to the filter through a small tube with a clamp holding it. There are four bolts available at the bottom of the pump. Remove the bolts and disconnect the pump from the filter.
  • To replace a pump you should lift out the old one and set in the new one. If it is the same model then the fitting won’t be a problem. If you are changing the entire filter and pump then, remove and replace the whole thing.
  • Connect the pump to the filter by connecting the hose and clamp that you disconnected earlier.
  • Align the pump to the bottom plate with the bolts and make sure they are tight. Make all the connections on the pump by connecting the hoses on the inlet area and tighten the hose clamp.
  • Finally, prime the pump. Plug the pump back in and test the circulation of water.

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Best Pool Pumps for In-Ground Pools

And there are many in-ground pool pumps available in the market and let’s see some of those pumps which may be useful and valuable before choosing or buying a pump.

Hayward 1.5 HP In-ground Pool Pump – W3SP2610x15 Super Pool Pump

Horse Power: 1.5 HP
Speed: Single Speed

  • Heavy-duty & high-performance motor.
  • Easy inspecting strainer cover.
  • Free-flowing operation with a 110-cubic-inch basket.
  • Service-ease design.
  • Self-priming.
  • Heat-resistant.
  • Industrial-size ceramic seal.

Hayward W3SP2610x15 Super Pool Pump


  • Sturdy powerful pump.
  • Easy installation and servicing.
  • Efficient, dependable circulation pump.
  • Consumes 30% less than any other pool pumps available.


  • It cannot be run at a slower speed.
  • Works with the standard parameters.


Hayward Super Pump is recommended for the consumer who worries about hazardous particles and substances and instantly it relieves the worry and keeps the pool clean. The build-in material provides longevity and sustenance for usage.
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Pentair 342001 SuperFlo VS Variable Speed In Ground Pool Pump

Horse Power: 1.5 HP
Speed: Variable Speed

  • Variable speed motor.
  • Lower operating costs.
  • Easy wiring and installation.
  • Capability: 110/230V & 50/60 Hz.
  • Best choice for pools that requires a 1.5hp pump.
  • With TEFC (Totally Closed, Fan Cooled) installation, a low noise level is achieved.

Pentair 342001 SuperFlo Pool Pump


  • Easy to install.
  • Simple operation.
  • Lower operating costs.
  • 24-hour memory retention.


  • Not advisable for larger pools because of low horsepower.


Best choice for pools that requires a 1.5hp pump. Pentair SuperFlo VS Variable Speed is one of the top-rated units in the entire Pentair pool pump reviews but the only disadvantage is that it doesn’t fit for larger pools

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2 HP Inground Pool Pump –XtremepowerUS

Horse Power: 2 HP
Speed: Dual Speed

  • XtremepowerUS 2HP Dual Speed In-ground Pool Pump is a self-priming pump.
  • With these dual-speed pumps, we may control the flow of water accordingly.
  • It delivers 3,450 rotations per minute.
  • It provides 5,820 GPH (Gallons Per Hour).
  • Maximum height of 66 ft.
  • Dual watt with 115/230V.
  • It produces amps of 15/7.5 with the dual speed.
  • Maximum water temperature is 104F.
  • Dual threaded 2” NPT (American National Pipe Tapered Thread) inlet and outlet.
  • Thermal protected.
  • Models: XP75035 & XP75039

XtremepowerUS 2 HP In-Ground Pool Pump


  • Maximum power and efficiency for controlling water flow.
  • Highly durable.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Corrosion proof.
  • High-speed pool pump.
  • Powerful function.
  • Large strain basket to maintain the clean pool system.


  • Sometimes parts of the products may be missing.
  • People may avoid it because it comes from a no-name brand.
  • Fittings and sizes may differ.
  • Cheaper in option but the quality differs.


It is best to buy the XtremepowerUS product if one is willing to go for the cheapest option available at the market and they are self-priming and highly durable at the same time. The pump is not as powerful as claimed.

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Pentair 340039 Super Flo Single Speed In-Ground Pool Pump, 1 ½  HP

Horse Power: 1.5 HP
Speed: Single Speed

  • Efficient motor that moves water more effectively.
  • No hydraulic noise.
  • Thicker body parts, heavy-duty motor.
  • Larger strainer basket.
  • Transparent lid.
  • Self-priming.
  • Easy operating system.
  • Lower operating costs.

Pentair 340039 Super Flo Pool Pump


  • Heavy-duty and high-service-factor.
  • Easy to install and powerful.
  • Quieter performance.
  • Long-term efficiency.


  • The power pumping may be low because of only 1.5 or 1 ½ hp.


With its heavy-duty work factor and quieter performance, it can lead to a good and equipped life span.

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Hayward W3SP2303 VSP Maxflo VS Variable Speed In-Ground Pool Pump

Horse Power: 1.65 HP
Speed: Variable Speed

  • This variable pool pump is available with different options: 115V and 230V.
  • Longer life and reliable performance.
  • Innovative permanent magnet technology.
  • Does not heat up quickly because of the enclosed fan.
  • Runs for a long time.

Hayward W3SP2303 VSP Maxflo Pool Pump


  • Works quietly with lower sound.
  • Easy to install.
  • Easy rotation check. 


  • Non-responsive customer service is a major drawback.


With the variable speed option, this is a great choice and the varying speeds allow us to save energy and customize the usage.
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Harris Variable Speed In-Ground Swimming Pool Pump

Horse Power: 1.5 HP
Speed: Variable Speed

  • Stainless steel motor that lasts for years.
  • Thermoplastic body ensures durability.
  • Meets ETAL and CSA standards so that its safe to use and does its job effectively.
  • With the latest engineering, it guarantees minimal noise when the pool is running.
  • Requires up to 230V or 0.7-9.5 amps.

Harris In-Ground VS Variable Speed Swimming Pool Pump


  • Provides high efficiency.
  • Offers between 1000-3450 RPM (Rotations Per Minute).


  • It does not operate on all pools.
  • Requires maintenance if not it’ll be damaged.
  • Low output.


Reasonable price when compared to other brands and service maintenance are the best out of all for a variable speed inground pool.
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Our Choice

Best Overall

Hayward W3SP2610X15 Super Pool Pump

“Higher-performance motor, no clamps needed during installation and easy and quick access to any internal works”.

Best Variable Speed Pool Pump

Pentair 342001 SuperFlo VS Variable Speed Pool Pump

“Easy replacement and installation, Low-level noise with TEFC and simple operation, better than all other modern pumps”.

Maintaining the Pool Pump 

The maintenance of a pool involves plumbing, wiring, cleaning, and replacing. These should be followed and checked regularly or else the pump may get damaged and run out of control.

How to Plumb & Wire In Ground Pool Pump

  • Shut down the power to the pool.
  • Block both the inlet and outlet water valves of the pipes.
  • Release the pump’s pressure.
  • Detach the incoming wires of the old pump.
  • Remove or cut off the pipes from the inlet and outlet port of the old pump and leave some pipe for other fittings.
  • Remove the old one.
  • Now, we have to install the new pump in the place of old ones.
  • Shut down the power.
  • Note the voltage requirements and an in-ground pool pump motors can be switched from 230 volts to 115 volts.
  • Always prefer insulated tools during wiring.
  • Unscrew the back of the motor.
  • Insert the three wires through conduit fitting and also to the back of the motor.
  • Power wires are to be connected to the power terminals.
  • Connect the ground wire.
  • Replace the motor cover and start the motor.
  • Check the effective motor running for the next 2-3 hours.

How to Clean In Ground Pool Pump

  • Remove the pump lid and pump basket.
  • Reach the impeller housing and remove the screw in a counter-clockwise direction.
  • Remove the debris floating by using the hand.
  • Reassemble and start the pump.
  • Check the filter pressure once reassembled.
  • Restart the motor pump and monitor the usage at least for an hour.


So far we have seen what an in-ground pool pump is and how it works and how it can be monitored. An in-ground pool pump may cause trouble at any stage and we should be careful while installing and replacing ground the entire system. It should last at least 8 years of the period. There are many pool pumps available for the consumers but one should always prefer a better pool pump considering only the life and efficiency factors and not the money factor.

Everyone must know the basic rules of the pool pump before buying and getting a replacement with it. To wind up, choosing a pool pump isn’t a joke and it needs lots of research and development. By looking at the pros and cons of every pool pump, one may choose wisely. The effective job of the pool pump is to ensure the safety and security of the pool by keeping it clean and sanitized. Modern pumps are made of hard plastics and will last over a long period.

“The bigger the pool pump, the higher the flow rate” is the major misconception today’s buyers and sellers have in their minds. Unless you’re properly been educated, you’re bound to lose your own money.

Common pool problems to be noticed:

  • The pool pump with louder noise.
  • Water leakage from the pool pump.
  • The water is not filled in the pool pump basket.
  • Humming noise from the pool pump.
  • The pool pump does not starts.
  • Air is been sucked inside the pool pump.
  • The flow rate of the pool is low.
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