Best Automatic Pool Skimmer Reviews


Leaves, debris, and other contaminants aren’t just making your pool to look ugly; also, they are affecting the Ph balance of water. What you need is a high-end pool skimmer that can clean the pool thoroughly without any human intervention. Here in this article, we have covered some of the best pool skimmers and cleansers that are worth your attention.

Pool Skimmer Buying Guide

Buying a pool skimmer requires you to pay attention to some essential factor. Here we have listed some necessary things you need to consider before purchasing a pool skimmer.

Types of Pool Skimmers

Generally, there are two types of pool skimmers i.e., in-ground and above-ground. In-ground pool skimmers get attached to the pool sides just beneath the water level. The water flowing through the skimmer gets cleaned, and this is how it works.

In the case of above-ground pool skimmers, you need to perform a nut and bolt assembly. The working process is the same, but the installation differs a lot.


Checking the brand of the skimmer is essential because it will impact the type of after-sales service you will get. Go with the brands that are popular among the buyers.

Ease of Installation

We advise you to check the installation of the product before buying thoroughly. The best way to check the installation is by going through a manual or by any instructional manual. Inspect whether a skimmer has a quick installation or not. Installing a skimmer can be daunting, and you need to be extra sure before buying one.


Look out for the durability of the skimmer. Every brand has different products, so reliability and durability vary a lot. Go through some customer reviews, and ensure that they are satisfied with the product. Here in this article, all the skimmers covered by us can offer decent durability.


Undoubtedly, price is one of the essential factors when buying a pool skimmer. You need to keep an eye on the price before hitting the buy now button because it matters a lot. If you are not ready to splurge a great amount of money on a skimmer, then you will find some budget-friendly skimmers in this list.

How do we select the best product?

Selecting the best pool skimmer was an arduous task because all the products listed here delivered excellent performance. We started the process by handpicking the best skimmers available out there.

Our review teams tested these skimmers in different pools to evaluate their performance. Also, we have filtered them on the parameters of durability, working efficiency, and ease of installation. After a lot of efforts, we selected the best pool skimmer that is ideal in every way.

Solar Breeze NX2 – Our Recommendation

Solar Breeze NX2 is a top-notch pool skimmer that works on solar energy. The skimmer promises that it will clean your pool thoroughly while eliminating the need of hand skimming.  The design is simplistic, and the skimmer is efficient. In short, there are no such problems of tangled cords with Solar Breeze NX2 because it works without any hoses and cables.

Exceptional Performance

The pool skimmer from Solar Breeze can remove 390-95% of contaminants and debris from the pool. The automatic skimmer runs inside the pool while trapping leaves, dust, debris, bacteria, pollens, and other such entities that are contaminating your swimming pool.


The smart interface of the skimmer guides it to roam inside the pool. There is no need for any human intervention, and the skimmer will navigate it automatically. Moreover, Solar Breeze NX2 can find its way through sticky situations without interrupting the cleaning process.

Decent Collection Capacity

The collection tray of the pool skimmer can accommodate up to 3-inch trichlor tablets for optimal and uninterrupted cleaning.  The users can rest assured that the skimmer can clean more debris than any regular in-wall skimmer basket.

Solar Powered

It is one of the biggest benefits associated with Solar Breeze NX2. The skimmer features two large solar panels that can power it without any cords and hoses. If you are a resident of Sunbelt States, then you can use the skimmer for up to 23.5 hours in mid-summer days.


  • No hoses required
  • Eliminates debris efficiently
  • Decent working time


  • Expensive
  • Solar panels require timely maintenance

The Verdict

The pool skimmer from Solar Breeze is an excellent product that takes up all of your hassles. It works flawlessly, and you will love how efficiently it will skim your pool.

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Solar Breeze NX

Breeze NX is another automatic pool skimmer that is best-suited for the users who don’t have the time to clean their pool manually. The robotic pool skimmer features a standard design and is efficient in doing its duty. You don’t need any cords, and other setups to use the skimmer because it works on solar energy.

Long-Lasting Performance

The automatic pool skimmer from Solar Breeze works efficiently, even at the time of sundown. It stores some energy to use when the sun is not shining. The brushed motor has a lifespan of 30,000 hours approximately.

Thorough Cleaning

When you have Breeze NX by your side, you can expect thorough cleaning. The pool skimmer can efficiently remove 90-95% of the debris on the go. Additionally, it traps all the leaves, pollens, bacteria, and dust that are contaminating your swimming pool.

Decent Collection Capacity

The chemical collection tray that comes with the skimmer can accommodate up to 3 trichlor tablets for excellent cleaning. The buyers don’t have to remove the tray again and again, and it will clean the pool in one go.

Smart Navigation

The autonomous capability of the pool skimmer guides it inside the pool. The skimmer can track its way through sticky situations while cleaning the pool quickly. Also, it skims the pool evenly by spreading the required chlorine in all areas.


  • Solar powered
  • No hoses and cords required
  • Powerful battery


  • Not so great for non-sunny days

The Verdict

Solar Breeze NX will save you a lot of energy because it works on renewal solar energy. What you have to do is leave the skimmer inside the pool, and it will clean the pool thoroughly.

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Sola Skimmer is here to make things easier for you by taking up all the hassles. The automatic pool skimmer comes equipped with a lot of sensors that guide the skimmer throughout the pool. You don’t have to worry about anything when you have Sola Skimmer skimmer.

Excellent Battery Life

The battery life of this solar pool skimmer is about 8 hours, so you can relax that the skimmer will work even if there is no sunlight. Additionally, the buyers can charge the device using a 110 V charger that comes inside the packaging. No matter what the climatic conditions are, this automatic pool skimmer will serve you with the best.

Fully Solar Powered

The skimmer is fully powered with solar energy, and there are no such cords and hoses that can tangle with the skimmer. You don’t need anything, just put it inside your pool, and it will start working. The two huge solar panels mounted on the top of skimmer are responsible for powering it. Moreover, these panels store the charge in the battery so that the skimmer can work whenever the sun id down.

Backed Up with Sensors

There are a total of four infrared sensors and two water jets that will assist you in keeping your pool clean. The smart skimmer can sense the debris, and it shoots them with the water jet to avoid falling in the pool. In short, the skimmer from Sola is an excellent device that can eliminate all kinds of debris from your swimming pool.


  • Solar-powered
  • Decent battery life
  • No hassles of cords
  • Energy savior
  • Collects small and big particles


  • The build quality could be better

The Verdict

Sola Skimmer is an excellent pool skimmer that requires no human intervention. There are no hoses and cords attached, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Lastly, the product comes with a charging cable, and thus, you can use it on non-sunny days as well.

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Dunnrite Hydro

Dunnrite Hydro-Net is a power-packed pool skimmer that works according to your needs. The advanced skimmer has remote control setup, and you can control it easily using the ergonomically designed remote available inside the packaging.

Exceptional RC Range

The RC wireless range of the pool skimmer is about 100 feet. The users can control it on the go with the remote control. You will not face any issues while using the skimmer within the recommended range. The remote and the skimmer have streamlined antennas which make things even more comfortable.

Decent Battery Life

The battery life of the pool skimmer is about 5 hours after a full charge. Moreover, it gets charged easily, and you will be able to clean your pool again. The charger and the battery come included inside the box, so the users don’t have to purchase anything additionally.

Streamlined Design

The streamlined design of the pool skimmer helps it to glide on the water efficiently. The skimmer from Dunnrite can reach to the corners of the pool. Also, it gets attached with the skimmer net, and you don’t have to carry out any hard-to-do assembly.

No Installation Required

There is no need for any installation, and the buyers can use it straight out of the box. All you have to do is insert the batteries inside the remote and check whether the skimmer has enough battery to run for hours.


  • Excellent RC range
  • Attaches quickly with the skimmer net
  • Ideal for ponds and pools


  • Hard to maneuver

The Verdict

If you don’t trust robotic skimmers, then this Hydro-net from Durnnite is an excellent option for you. You can set it up on the go, and it will clean the swimming pool as per your requirements.

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PoolSkim – Amazons Choice

PoolSkim pool skimmer is an award-winning product, and there is an essential reason behind it. The working principle of the skimmer is simple, and it will clean your contaminated pool without any hassles. The users can easily attach this skimmer to their 1&1/2 inches threaded outflow return jet. It creates a vacuum and sucks all the debris for a squeaky clean swimming pool.

Exceptional Flexibility

PoolSkim pool skimmer is ideal to use with above-ground, concrete, in-ground, and all other types of non-portable swimming pools out there. You don’t need to do any arduous installation, and it gets attached easily to the threaded outflow return jet.

Easy to Clean

With PoolSkim pool skimmer you don’t have to run into hassles of tough cleaning. It comes equipped with a robust nylon mesh clip-on bag. The buyers can lift the bag for easy cleaning. All the leave and other debris come off, and you can install the clip on again by rinsing it.

Requires No Batteries

There is no need for any batteries and solar energy to power this pool skimmer. It works with the return jet, and there is no extra power required. The users can use this skimmer in all weather conditions.

Traps Debris Efficiently

The nylon mesh of the skimmer traps leaves, grass clippings, helicopters, spiders, bugs,  dust, and other types of contaminants efficiently. The suction is very powerful, and all the debris gets trapped inside the mesh.


  • Effective cleaning
  • No additional power required
  • Best for dust and debris
  • Easy to install


  • Cleaning takes time

The Verdict

PoolSkim pool skimmer will reduce your workload by cleaning the pool without any human intervention. However, you need to patent as it takes a lot of time while cleaning.

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SkimmerMotion– Best Seller

The pool skimmer from SkimmerMotion offers excellent cleaning for above-ground and in-ground pools. Also, the skimmer has excellent suction that magnetizes all the dust and debris while keeping your swimming pool crystal clean.

Offers Comprehensive Cleaning

The buyers can attach this pool skimmer with the pool vacuum provided by SkimmerMotion for thorough cleaning from post-to-pillars. The hose gets easily attached, and thus you can rest assured that the machine will clean your entire pool.

8 Water Intakes

The pool skimmer has eight water intakes, so the amount of water flowing through them will be more. You can rest assured that this device will clean the entire pool without wasting much time. Moreover, these holes enhance the chances of better debris trapping while reduced clogging problems.

Works without Power

If you are using the skimmer without a vacuum, then there is no electricity required. SkimmerMotion gets attached to the threaded return jet, and therefore it creates suction without any power. It creates a whirlpool, and all the contaminants get trapped inside it.

No Chemicals Required

There is no need to use any harsh chemicals with SkimmerMotion. It cleanses your pool by trapping all the impurities in its mesh. The users can clean the mesh easily by rinsing it with regular water.

Easy to Install

Installing SkimmerMotion is an easy task, and the users can carry out on the go. All you need to do is connect the skimmer with the return jet hose, and it will work flawlessly. In case you are using it with a vacuum then you can attach the hose directly with the vacuum.


  • No electricity required
  • Compatible with vacuum skimmers with 1 1/4″ hose
  • 8 suction holes
  • No chemicals


  • Vacuum skimmer not included in the packaging
  • Needs a pool pump of 1 HP or greater

The Verdict

The users who need to clean their swimming pools without any chemicals can consider buying this product from SkimmerMotion. The device is easy to use, and there is no need of any hand skimming.

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INTEX Deluxe Skimmer

If you are not willing to splurge a lot of money, then here is a pocket-friendly pool skimmer. The skimmer from Intex is a highly popular product that is easy to use. You can mount on the sidewalls of above-ground and in-ground pools for effective cleaning.

Exceptionally Durable

The pool skimmer is manufactured with polypropylene plastic, which is exceptionally durable. The plastic remains unaffected by the chemicals contained in the pool, so you don’t have to worry about anything.  From basket to the hose, everything is durable, and you will love how this economical device cleans your swimming pool.

Traps Debris Effectively

The basket of the pool skimmer can trap the debris of all sizes. It can easily catch leaves, helicopters, grass clippings, and dust particles roaming inside your pool. There are numerous pores inside the basket, so the flow of water is decent.

Great Water Flow

The skimmer gets attached easily with the Intex filter pump, which offers a minimum water flow rate of 800 GPH (3,028 L/hr). The water flows quickly, and thus the swimming pool gets cleaned in a short timeframe. The pump is not included inside the packaging, and you have to purchase it separately.

Easy to Install

The adjustable bracket of the skimmer allows the users to mount it on the sidewalls of the swimming pools of different sizes. Additionally, the bracket is durable and sticks firmly to the sidewalls while preventing any movements.


  • Affordable
  • Durable built
  • Easy to clean
  • Works well in chemical-contained pools


  • No Intex filter pump available in the box

The Verdict

Intex Deluxe Skimmer is a budget-friendly option that assures powerful cleaning. You can lift the basket anytime for quick cleaning. There is no hard assembly, and you can mount it on the pool without any hassles.

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Pool Devil Pro

Pooldevil Pro enables you to take the pool cleaning to another level. The easy to use pool skimmer is easy to install, and it will work flawlessly without any interruptions. The users can attach it with any pool cleaning device for optimal cleaning.

Creates a Powerful Circular Flow

The pool skimmer from Pooldevil creates a powerful circular flow that helps it in trapping all the debris, and impurities. The advanced skimmer processes the water efficiently while cleaning the entire pool.

Adjusts Automatically

The machine adjusts automatically according to the walls of your pool. Also, it enables your existing skimmer to work uninterruptedly, so the cleaning results are superior. Moreover, it adjusts according to the water level, which prevents the need for manual efforts.

Quick Installation

The manufacturer claims that you merely have to spend a minute to install this pool skimmer. All you need to do is connect it with the sidewall of your pool, and you are good to go.

Durable Mesh

All the contaminants get trapped inside the mesh. Moreover, the mesh is easy to remove, and the users can wash it with regular water. Everything from small to large particles gets trapped, and your pool remains squeaky clean.

Eco Friedly

Pooldevil Pro is an eco-friendly pool skimmer that needs that doesn’t harm nature in any way. There are no such chemicals that are harmful to your pool.


  • Environmental friendly
  • Self-adjusting
  • Reduces strain on the pool filter pump


  • The quality is not up to the mark

The Verdict

Pooldevil Pro is a pocket-friendly pool skimmer that is easy to install. If you have a pool with large debris, then this pool cleaning device is worth your investment.

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Pool Skimmers Issues & How to Maintain

It is quite common to face some issues with the pool skimmers because in some cases debris gets trapped inside them. Here we have elaborated a few problems along with a cure to make your pool skimmer working all the time.


Commonly, the pool skimmer gets pulled away from the swimming pool leading to leakage. If you are facing the same problem, then we have a solution for you. Get some pool putty that is meant for underwater purposes. Also, you can purchase an EZ Patch 22 silicone rubber which works excellent underwater. Plus, the users can use PVC/ABS glue to seal the cracks developed on the bottom of the skimmer.

Once you have followed the tips mentioned above, it is the time to check the results. Take some dye and put it in the area where you have attached the pool skimmer. Now check whether the dye is leaving the pool or not. In case the dye is still leaving the use of underwater pool putty to seal it again.


Do you believe that your pool skimmer clogs frequently?  Here are a handful of useful tricks that will assist you in unclogging it on the go. The best and most affordable way is to use plumber’s snake. It will help you in removing all the debris and leaves clogged in the skimmer.

On the other hand, you can also use a Drain King for optimal results. Attach the Drain King with a garden hose, and send all the water to the skimmer. The pressure of water will remove all the clogged debris, and thus your pool skimmer will start working again.

Not Filtering

If the pool skimmer is not filtering the water, then you need to clean it immediately. Take off the skimmer ad check whether the mesh is attached correctly. Also, you need to check for any leaks and clogging. Sometimes there is a lot of clogging inside the pipes, so the pool skimmer stops filtering the water.

Editors Choice

Best Seller

SkimmerMotion pool skimmer is an affordable device that is ideal in every way. You can use it with above-ground and in-ground pools without any hassles. There is no need for any installation, and it will start working immediately. Eight filtering pores trap the debris while maintaining a great flow of water.

It is best suited for users who don’t want any burden on them. You can install it and forget it.

Amazons Choice

PoolSkim Pool Skimmer is an award-winning device that skims automatically without any manual efforts. The smart skimmer adjusts itself according to the water level inside the pool. Also, it needs no electricity to work. There are no chemicals required, so the cleaning will be eco-friendly and safe. This skimmer from PoolSkim reduces the burden on the filtration system, thus enhancing its durability.

Our Recommendation

We highly recommend Solar Breeze NX2 because it is the latest device that works solely on solar energy. The pool skimmer will save you a lot of money on energy bills. The two huge solar panels catch the sunlight efficiently while powering the skimmer. The device can work for up to 23.5 hours in the areas with an abundance of sunlight.


A pool skimmer is the need of every home that has a pool! All the skimming devices listed here are tested on vigorous parameters. Also, these devices belong to renowned brands and have excellent after-sales service. Choose the one that satisfies your requirements, and relax in your pool without any hassles.

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