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Polaris Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

Manual pool cleaning becomes a back-breaking chore when you own luxury sized pools and are expected to keep every corner free from mould, debris, and algae. Summer days are spent lazing in the pools. Winter days are spent cozying around the warm fire.

But in reality, such tantalising thoughts are cut short by the long hours you spend sweating it out while scrubbing your pools clean. Additionally, you are required to run maintenance cleaning every now and then, for a facility that is not utilised off-seasons.

However, the concept of Robotic assistance in the Pool-cleaning industry has brought about a welcome change in personal convenience. All you would have to do is plug in these robotic pool cleaners and let them do the heavy-lifting, as you spare them a glance every now and then.

About Polaris

As a reputed brand, Polaris has always raised the standards for itself and its pool-cleaning products. Incorporating advanced technology alongside some old-school plans to create a unique product line, they supply superior quality scrubbing, sweeping and vacuuming of all sides, waterlines, and floors of the swimming pools.

The fact that the products themselves are detached from the brand image and furnish genuine services towards pool cleaning is the leading reason for the resounding loyalty of its Customer base.

How do We Select Best Pool Cleaner?

Our list of Polaris Robotic Pool cleaners comprises of those devices which have been rigorously tested conforming to specific parameters in different grades, conditions, and sizes of pools. Hardware tests to ascertain the durability of the build were also taken into account.

We have rigorously worked the machines into overtime just to see if they can handle the extra load and still hold the efficiency factor while applying their services.

Best Polaris Robotic Pool Cleaner Reviews

Without further ado, we present to you the top features of each product along with their Pro’s and Con’s, which will help you gain valuable insight into the evolving technologies incorporated in the working of Polaris Robotic Pool Cleaners.

Polaris F9550 In-Ground Pool Cleaner

Rated overall best among the crop of Polaris Pool cleaners, the Polaris F9550 has distinct features that make it a desirable and coveted product to own.

  • With the intuitive motion-sensing remote technology, you can control the cleaning direction of the device by simply pointing and directing the cleaner to a specific place.
  • This sporty design-build comes with a 4WD technology, that hums along the floors, walls and sides cleaning the sides and waterlines utilizing a solid blade scrubbing brush.
  • The technology comes loaded with a smart 7-day programmable timer where you can select from a number of given programs and set it accordingly for the week.
  • Also featuring the automatic indicator for dirty canister, the device senses when its canister is chock full of debris and indicates it as such.

Polaris F9550 In-Ground Pool Cleaner


  • The obvious ease of use saves a lot of energy and time
  • Easy to program and gives satisfactory results
  • Can set its own course and is a dedicated cleaner
  • Very mobile for its large build
  • Maintains consistent waterline cleaning


  • The use of advanced technology certainly raises the average price
  • Usually gets tangled up with the power cord
  • Regularly gets stuck on drain openings
  • Not effective on steps

The Verdict

On the whole, the F9550 is a really convenient gadget to have around for easy pool cleaning. There are no additional hassles and consumers love the fact that it supplies an efficient service without much intervention.

The pool cleaner furnishes immaculate cleaning and scrubbing services along with smart debris deposition while cleaning the pool.

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Polaris Vac-sweep 360

Officially, the Polaris Vac-sweep 360 is the most durable and cost-effective model among its batchmates. Available at a relatively lower price than any other Polaris pool cleaner, the 360 model is a takeaway product.

  • Suitable for all in-ground pools, the pressure-side pool cleaner easily connects to the dedicated pressure line of your swimming pool connection and hence does not require an additional booster pump to function.
  • The in-line back-up valve allows for smooth movement of the device during cleaning, by pushing it out of tight corners using the thruster jets.
  • The triple venturi jets and a belt-driven mechanism allow for powerful cleaning service while reducing the workload on your pool pressure line.
  • The unique debris collection system traps all gravel and grit before it reaches the inner functioning system, thereby keeping the skimmer and filter-free to eliminate further contaminants in your pool.

Polaris Vac-sweep 360 Pool Cleaner

Other Model: Polaris Vac-sweep 360 BlackMax

 The Polaris brand has launched a BlackMax model of the Polaris 360 version that complements darker floored pools. The hoses, cleaner heads, original parts as well as all accessories and spare parts come in Black for the BlackMax model. 

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  • Dedicated cleaning even without the aid of a booster pump
  • The presence of a belt-driven mechanism makes the cleaning process faster
  • Triple jets allow for comprehensive cleaning as well as effective climbing and cleaning of sides and waterline


  • Customer care services are almost non-existent
  • The belt-driven mechanism requires religious maintenance, increasing the overall costs

The Verdict

Designed to operate without a booster pump, the Polaris 360 users report good experiences citing reliable and thorough cleaning of their pools.

The negatives, on the other hand, were all about the lack of customer service and maintenance costs being an added hassle. Overall, there were no qualms about the actual working of the device and many users were content with their purchase.

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Polaris Vac-sweep 280 

It is without a doubt, the best-in-its class pool cleaner. The Polaris Vac-sweep 280 is a durable pressure-side pool cleaning product delivering hassle-free services for longer working years.

  • The double powered Venturi jets allow for faster cleaning time, preferably within 3 hours.
  • The 280 is suitable for all in-ground pools.
  • The nimble yet durable pool cleaner easily connects to your pool pressure line and applies less pressure to the overall functioning of your pool system.
  • Its 31 feet extendable hose allows for a wider reach of cleaning; the hose can also be shortened as required.
  • The unique debris deposition system allows efficient disposal of leaves, nuts, and grit in the single-chamber debris bag, before any of it passes into the inner filter or components, hence prolonging the overall shelf-life of the device.

Polaris Vac-sweep 280 Pool Cleaner

Polaris Vac-sweep 280 BlackMax

Polaris has launched a BlackMax model in Polaris 280 version to complement dark bottomed pools. Any spare parts or original parts, along with their accessories are available in Black for the BlackMax model.

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  • The premium designing compliments the easy handling of the device
  • Double powered jets create sufficient force for effortless cleaning
  • Debris deposition aids the protection of the core components
  • Size of the pools not an inconvenience for general cleaning reach


  • Back-up valve is prone to malfunctions
  • Pool ladders are a common area where the 280 falters and hangs up, unable to free itself any further

The Verdict

The consumer base for Polaris Vac-sweep 280 has been very vocal about the simplicity and efficiency of cleaning services that this device provides. The durable build and smart technology of the machine allow long-lasting services at reasonable costs.

The issues with the regular back-up valve malfunction may actually be the only drawback of the 280. Overall, it furnishes exemplary cleaning when you consider that it has been made with that aim in mind.

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Polaris Vac-sweep 3900 Sport

The integration of time-tested Polaris features and new innovative enhancements in the build, performance, and reliability has resulted in the creation of the Polaris Vac-sweep 3900 Sport. Its technologically advanced sporty features deliver superior quality cleaning of pools.

  • The 3900 Sport with its triple-jet thrusters and a booster pump, loosen debris from corners and the smaller cracks as well as circulating and filtering through 40 gallons of pool water per minute.
  • The extra filtration from the device reduces overall pressure on your pool filtration system prolonging the life of your pool pressure line.
  • The debris collection involves a dual-chamber, 5l capacity bag that is aided in its function with a larger debris intake tube collecting and filtering all the silt before it reaches the core parts of the filtration system.
  • The all-wheel PosiDrive system as well as the TailSweep Pro technology incorporated in the 3900 Sport, increases the torque output of the machine, allowing it to clean precisely and effectively at a comparatively faster rate.

Polaris Vac-sweep 3900 Sport Pool Cleaner


  • Improved power and torque
  • Double filtration process keeps the pool free of finer contaminants
  • The triple Venturi jets and All-wheel PosiDrive system increase the general mobility
  • Auto-reverse feature helps navigate out of tight corners


  • Requires the additional power from a booster pump
  • The debris bag gets filled frequently and needs regular emptying or it affects the functioning of the device
  • The model is not suited to clean the steps or the surrounding area

The Verdict

Many Polaris Vac-sweep 3900 Sport users find it a little difficult to adjust to the instruction manual and identify the proper machinations of the device. But once this initial phase has been dealt with, the 3900 Sport works like a charm.

The highlight of this particular model lies in its ability to filter efficiently and deal with the debris in a productive manner. The scrubbing and vacuuming meets all expectations and there is no issue with this basic requirement. The 3900 reduces the overall load on your pool filtering system and is, therefore, a much-coveted pool cleaner in its class.

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Polaris Vac-sweep 380 

The Polaris Vac-sweep 380 incorporates all the classic features of its predecessor as well as its own new smart features. It creates an irresistible yet no-nonsense product that will accomplish a worthy cleaning performance it was always meant for.

  • Upgraded from a shaft-driven mechanism to a belt-driven mechanism, the Polaris 380 delivers thorough cleaning with a systematic approach to cleaning all floors, stairs, and corners powered by the triple jet thrusters.
  • The device is easier to maintain and carrying out any quick troubleshooting aids on your own comes hassle-free. The belt-driven mechanism ensures less moving parts, hence lesser maintenance is required.
  • Longer shelf-life is a given with the zippered and Ziploc style debris bags that trap sediments and debris effectively before they make their way into the main chamber of the device.
  • The Inline back-up valve automatically ensures the pool cleaner does not get stuck in tight corners by backing the thrusters in the opposite direction, thereby pushing the device out of the tight spot. 

Polaris Vac-sweep 380 Pool Cleaner


  • Superior quality cleaning of the pool
  • Relatively less time consumed for the same
  • Less maintenance costs
  • Effective debris deposition


  • Booster pump has to be acquired separately increasing the overall cost

The Verdict

With the introduction of Polaris 380, the first thing to be noticed was the effectiveness of its cleaning performance. Common issues found with the model were related to sudden stops during functioning or when it simply kept bumping into the walls, seemingly stuck to the spot.

The amazing fact was the lack of surprise in the evident price of the Polaris 380. Nevertheless, the Polaris 380 is a popular product among its loyal consumers who will vouch for its longevity.

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Polaris Vac-sweep 65

The Polaris 65 is a handy pool cleaner meant to vacuum and clean all types of above ground pools. It employs smart technologies that make it a competitive product among its class of well-known products.

  • Utilizing the Jet Sweep technology, the Polaris 65 uses the force of moving water to loosen up stubborn debris and pick it up as it moves along the floor.
  • The debris bag allows quick filtration of silt and sediments, collecting and storing it safely, preventing any large grit to reach the inner chambers of the device. This prolongs the longevity of the device as well as its functioning.
  • The Polaris 65 is powered by the pressure system of your pool, hence it does not require any external source of power and lends its services to keep your pool clean by continuously filtering the water.
  • The device is adept at cleaning not only the floors but also the sides of your pool.

Polaris Vac-sweep 65 Pool CleanerPros

  • The sleek design is an eye-catcher and also aids in smooth mobility
  • The effective debris collection system ensures a healthy and longer shelf-life of your product
  • Sides of the pool are also included under the cleaning system


  • The device gets regularly tangled in its stiff hose

The Verdict

The Polaris 65 requires careful handling and assembling in its initial stages. Consumers do not seem to have many gripes with the device itself, but issues regarding the movement of the device have been a common cause for the inconvenience.

The hose seems too stiff initially and this hinders smooth mobility of the pool cleaner when navigating through to the corners. But give it time and the hose along with the other parts will wear in and aid the entire process of cleaning over time.

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Considerations to Ponder on Before investing in a Robotic Pool Cleaner

While comparing pool cleaners and picking out the overall best may be a less complicated task, a more taxing venture ahead is actually choosing which product to invest in.

This decision does not simply depend on the best product available in the market. There are a couple of personal factors that you will need to consider before making the final decision.

General Traction

  • Pool cleaners require strong traction between the device and the floor to ensure proper scrubbing and vacuuming of the sediments.
  • Make sure you pick a pool cleaner that has a rubberized grip and holds the floor tightly as it moves along cleaning and sweeping.

Stable and Bigger filters

  • The issue with small filter bags is that they fill up easily and with the added weight, topple the device to one side, hindering the functioning underwater.
  • Choose among the pool cleaners that have a relatively stable debris deposition system or one that has better reviews about the same.

Budget Constraints

  • Another factor to consider would be how much you are willing to spend on the convenience you require to clean your pool.
  • If you spend more time swimming, then it only makes sense to keep a good portion of your budget aside for a reliable pool cleaner.

Swivel Cable

  • The main issue with most pool cleaners is that they get regularly entangled with the hose cables meant to give additional reach to the cleaner. Ensure you ask for the swivel cables since they allow free rotation during any movement of the cleaner underwater.

The Editor’s Insight

Best Seller Polaris Vac-sweep 280 Pool Cleaner

Although the Polaris 280 works on an old-fashioned shaft mechanism and lacks the additional power of a booster pump, when connected to the pressure line of the pool system, it provides sufficient vacuum power to efficiently clean the floors and sides; depositing the debris effectively aiding in the smooth functioning of the pool cleaner.

It is dedicated to working fast and furnishing reliable cleaning performances worthy of its tag of providing quality maintenance of your pools.

Editor’s Choice Polaris F9550 Pool Cleaner

The best model available in its class, the Polaris F9550 is as close to being the ideal robotic pool cleaner as possible. It could be the smart utilization of advanced technology or the convenience of having such amazing features in one durable and aptly designed pool cleaner.

The Polaris F9550 is inspiringly good at what it does; cleaning, scrubbing and vacuuming all underwater surfaces of the pool, thereby fulfilling its role in upholding the top-notch quality of maintenance your pool requires.

Concluding the Review

It would not be incorrect to recommend you blindfolded pick either of the Bestseller or the Editor’s choice when investing in a reliable pool cleaner.

Ensure to go through the considerations as well as read through customer reviews to keep yourself informed of the potential issues you could face with your pool cleaner.

Having said that, Polaris has always been a reliable and reputed Pool-Cleaning Equipment Manufacturer that delivers steadfast products to ease the hassles associated with manual pool cleaning. Every product listed here has been a part of our evolving journey and we hope whichever product you choose to invest in, will furnish you with contentment and satisfaction at meeting your expectations.

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