Best Raypak/Rheem Pool Heater Reviews

Pool heaters allow you to swim earlier and enjoy the season longer.

Both above-ground and in-ground pools can be heated with Raypak pool heaters, which function in tandem with your pool pump.

There are several factors to consider when choosing the right pool heater, including the size and type of pool you own.

Inground pools tend to require more powerful heaters while above-ground can be run with lesser BTU output.

A residential pool heater usually ranges in size from 100,000 to 400,000 BTU, depending on how much you want the temperature to rise.

It’s also important to decide whether the pool heater will be powered by natural gas, propane, or electric.

Best Rheem Pool & Spa Heaters

Here are the best pool heaters from Raypak to keep your water warm all season. Based on our research and product specifications, we have categorized the best heaters in each category.

Best Gas Heater & For In-Ground

Raypak 406,000 BTU Digital Natural Gas Heater
28 Reviews
Raypak 406,000 BTU Digital Natural Gas Heater
  • Built to withstand various weather, great for environments requiring efficiency, convenience and versatility.
  • Intermittent spark ignition pilot safety controls. Pilot only comes on when there is heat.
  • Space-age material means the heater won't retain residual heat after it is turned off, allowing it to be installed without the use of metal heat sinks.
  • Part Number: 009219 | Model Number: P-R406A-EN-C
  • ProTek Shield module helps protect heat exchanger and extend life of heater

Best Propane Heater & For In-Ground

Raypak 406,000 BTU Digital Propane Heater
59 Reviews
Raypak 406,000 BTU Digital Propane Heater
  • 406,000 BTU propane digital pool and spa heater
  • Microprocessor-controlled thermostat can be set precisely to your liking , set it and forget it
  • Cabinet and the internals are non-corrosive and rust resistant
  • Features PolyTuf powder coating, polymer headers, and an all copper-fin-tube heat exchanger
  • Also features a stainless steel tube sheet, 2 inch CPVC water connections, burner tray and fire tile

Best Heater For Above Ground

Raypak 156A 155,000 BTU Heater
35 Reviews
Raypak 156A 155,000 BTU Heater

  • Suitable for large above ground pools and small inground pools
  • Microprocessor-controlled Thermostat
  • Self-Diagnostic
  • Remote-Compatible
  • Copper Fin Tube - Residential
  • Automatic Bypass

Best Spa Heater

Raypak Electric 3-Series Titanium 18,767 BTU Heater 5.5 kW
21 Reviews
Raypak Electric 3-Series Titanium 18,767 BTU Heater 5.5 kW

  • Suitable for spas and less than 2000-gallon pools
  • Titanium Element
  • 316L Stainless Steel
  • Flow Sensor Technology
  • Solid State Design
  • Ready To Install

Best Budget Heater

Raypak 105,000 BTU Heater
29 Reviews
Raypak 105,000 BTU Heater

  • Analog Control
  • Stainless Steel Burners
  • Smooth Light Off
  • Pilot Ignition
  • Copper Fin Tube - Residential
  • Automatic Bypass

Best for Saltwater & Chlorinated Pool

Raypak Cupro-Nickel 240,000 BTU Heater
14 Reviews
Raypak Cupro-Nickel 240,000 BTU Heater
  • The Raypak Digital Cupro-Nickel Natural Gas Heater offers simplicity and durability, ensuring optimal heating for your pool and spa
  • Pagoda design ensures heater stays active in harsh weather conditions
  • Microprocessor controlled thermostat
  • Powder-coated galvanized metal construction
  • Remote compatible

How To Select Right BTU Output?

In addition, make sure your heater is the right size—higher BTU heaters warm up larger pools more quickly, but they are also more energy-intensive.

In general, you can calculate an appropriate BTU output by calculating the surface area of your pool.

raypak rheem pool-heater buying-guide

From the image above, depending on the shape of your pool calculate the pool’s surface area by taking appropriate measures. 

Then divide the number by three.

Multiply that number by 1,000.

If your pool measures 15×30 feet, you’ll need a 150,000-BTU heater.

Selecting the correct size Raypak R-Series Heater:

If you are purchasing a Raypak pool heater for the first time then you must determine the BTU capacity of the heater. Please refer to the table below.

Model Surface Area
R406A 1200
R336A 1050
R266A 900
R206A 750
R156A 600
R106A 450

Top Raypak Pool Heater Reviews

Raypak 399,000 BTU Digital Pool Heater (In-Ground Pool Heater)

Natural gas pool heaters are an efficient and convenient option if you have natural gas at your home.

This model is available in sizes ranging from 206,000 BTUs to 406,000 BTUs.

You will be able to enjoy your pool or spa at the perfect temperature all year long with the Raypak Digital Gas Pool and Spa Heater.

The modern pool and spa heater are built to withstand a variety of weather conditions, making it the ideal appliance for environments requiring convenience, efficiency, and versatility.

Featuring a low-profile design, a galvanized metal cabinet that resists corrosion, a copper fin tube heat exchanger, and advanced engineering materials, this heater is designed to provide year-round comfort.

  • Model Number – P-R406A-EN-C
  • Full BTU Input – 399,000
  • Efficiency – 82%

Raypak Rheem 399,000 BTU Digital Pool Heater - R406A

ProTek Shield

Raypak’s Digital Gas Pool and Spa Heater is protected with ProTek Shield, a cutting-edge, high-tech module.

This innovative, patent-pending technology will make your pool heating investment last even longer, so you can take a break, soak, or swim with confidence.

  • Ideal for saltwater and chlorine pools.
  • It’s designed to take on corrosion as it naturally occurs
  • Utilizes breakthrough patent-pending technology
  • Compact size
  • Easy to replace, saving you time and money

Digital Controls

  • In addition to a microprocessor-controlled thermostat to set the perfect temperature for your pool or spa, our heater has an intelligent remote control system that can be easily integrated into an existing remote system.

Low NOx Certified

  • A gas valve/blower system keeps the air-fuel mixture clean and safe so the heater will always burn safely.
  • Complies with Texas, California, and Utah-specific safety requirements.

A Raypak Digital Gas Pool and Spa Heater provide flexible installation solutions, whether you are upgrading your existing pool or adding a new one.

It is also equipped with a self-adjusting burner, which compensates for changes in gas pressure and ensures safe and clean combustion.

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Raypak 155,000 BTU Digital Heater (Above Ground Pool Heater)

Raypak’s 156A is an excellent choice for large above-ground pools, spas, and in-ground pools.

The heater has a 50% higher BTU rating than competitors. More BTUs means faster heating.

  • Model Number – P-R156A
  • Full BTU Input – 150,000 
  • Indoor Stack diameter – 6”
  • Efficiency – 82%

Raypak Rheem Above Ground 155,000 BTU Heater

The P-156 features a digital control system with an LCD display.

There is a touchpad on the front panel of the heater, which allows you to select POOL or SPA operation and adjust the setpoint temperature.

This LCD display shows both the actual water temperature and the current mode (OFF, SPA, POOL).

The control power can be turned ON or OFF using the manual power switch below the touchpad.

With the digital control, you have complete control of the heater’s safety functions, as well as electronic ignition and flame control. It also provides fault recording and diagnostic reporting.

Electrical power (120VAC or 240VAC) is required for the ignition system, and it generates a pilot only when heat is required. The units come with a 3-foot, 3-prong power cord.

Microprocessor-controlled Thermostat

  • Raypak 156 gas heaters feature microprocessor controls.
  • By using this control, you can set the temperature of your spa and pool precisely to your liking simply by pressing the up or down buttons.
  • Whenever the water is heated, the digital display alerts you as soon as it reaches your target temperature.


  • There are on-board diagnostic controls on the Raypak 156 that let the user and service provider know what is happening with the heater at all times.
  • Shows exact issues, no error codes are displayed


  • The Raypak 156 is compatible with the vast majority of the major remote control systems available today.
  • Raypak Digital can be connected to any two-wire or three-wire remote and integrated with any pool control system.

Copper Fin Tube – Residential

  • The copper fin tubes of a heat exchanger are made from a single piece of extruded copper.
  • An integral-fin design ensures maximum heat transfer.
  • Besides using thick stainless steel tubes, Raypak products are rust-free and durable.

Automatic Bypass

  • As a standard feature, the Raypak 156 is equipped with a built-in water bypass, so you don’t need to adjust the flow rate manually.
  • Additionally, the bypass ensures that water flows through the tubes at a consistent speed, so condensation caused by cold water is reduced.

As a result, the Raypak model 156 does not meet the requirements for areas requiring low NOx emissions. When installed above 2000 feet elevation, decrease the input by 4% for every 1,000 feet.

The Raypak 156 utilizes a rust-free polymer header design and stainless steel tube sheets. The nuts and studs, even the smallest details, are made from stainless steel.

Is it worth it? This type of heater will last for many years and is easily maintained if necessary.

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Raypak Electric 3-Series Titanium (SPA Heater)

Heaters from Titanium Electric’s 3-series offer the highest level of technology for heating pools and spas.

Stainless steel construction and titanium heating elements make it suitable for salt chlorinated water and other extreme pool water conditions.

Model Number – 0005
Killowatt –  5.5 
BTU/hr – 18,767

With the E3T, you can control and diagnose the machine easily.

This display provides easy-to-read information about temperature, GPM flow, and diagnostics.

Titanium Element

  • With its robust titanium heating element, the E3T can not only last longer but can also be used in extreme pool environments, including saltwater chlorinated pools.

316L Stainless Steel

  • 316L stainless steel. makes it suited for saltwater heating.

Flow Sensor Technology

  • Instead of using traditional pressure switches, E3T uses the latest flow sensor technology to prolong the life of the heater by programming it to activate at a 15 gallon per minute minimum flow activation rate.

Solid State Design

  • By eliminating noisy contactors, the E3T provides quiet, reliable operation.
  • The heater can modulate power to only use the energy needed to maintain the desired temperature because of its advanced design.

Pool and spa heaters from E3T are compact, easy to install and come with standard union connections.

They are ideal for new pools and spas as well as for replacing existing pools and spas.

They come in five different kW ratings.

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How To Maintain Raypak Pool Heater?

The heater and its associated equipment can suffer severe damage if there is a chemical imbalance. Keep the water chemistry balanced.

A high mineral and dissolved solid content in the water causes scale to form in the heat exchange tubes. This reduces the heater’s efficiency and damages it. This will significantly damage the heater if the pH falls below 7.2.

The warranty does not cover damage caused by a chemical imbalance.

Your pool water must be chemically balanced in order to protect your health and equipment. Follow these guidelines to ensure the water is balanced.

Free chlorine levels exceeding 5 parts per million can damage heaters and are not covered by the warranty.

When the pool or spa water is balanced, occasional shock dosing of chemicals shouldn’t damage the heater.

Automatic chemical dosing devices and salinators are most effective in heated water, but they can result in high levels of chlorine and damage your heater if not controlled.

The heater outlet should be connected to a chlorinator or other chemical dosing device through a check valve.

A pool or spa builder, an accredited pool store, or a chemical supplier can provide additional information about the correct levels for your pool or spa.

Raypak and Rheem are both part of the same family. The company manufactures water products and delivers heating systems across North America. We have provided Rheem pool heater reviews to describe what is the best Rheem pool heater available. Rheem is one of the leading players in the market with its products. A combination of great performance and efficiency has helped these products reach the top of the market cap.

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